HRH titles for Archie and Lilibet will fuel ‘press attention’

Archie and Lilibet ‘will have’ royal titles says Fitzwilliams

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Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams joined GB News presenter Mark Longhurst on Wednesday afternoon to discuss the christening of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s daughter Lilibet. Richard claimed that it was “ironic” their children would be able to use HRH titles when their parents aren’t.

Richard claimed that Archie and Lilibet having HRH titles will mean more press attention for Harry and Meghan who have previously asked for privacy.

He told GB News: “With reference to Archie and Lilibet’s titles, they were automatically due them by the 1917 letters patent from King George V.

“This was supposedly something that would happen automatically, equally of course. Now it’s up to each individual monarch and there was some speculation that this might not happen.

“But there’s also the issue of whether or not the Sussexes want Archie and Lilibet to use them, obviously they want to give them the option.

“It’s all a rather complex matter because obviously, there is a deep rift in the Royal Family. We don’t know whether in fact Harry and Meghan will be attending the Coronation.

“This at least, makes absolutely clear that both Archie and Lilibet will have the Prince and Princess titles.

“If they want to use them which is of course somewhat ironic since their parents cannot use the HRH title.”

When discussing King Charles III’s coronation, he added: “My own bet is that they will definitely attend the Coronation.

“They’re members of the Royal Family. They have contracts with Netflix, Spotify, and Random House because of this, and if they were not to they would be seen as outsiders.

“I don’t think that’s a future they could possibly contemplate if you’re seen as an outsider.”

Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor was christened on Friday, March 3 at the couple’s Montecito home.

A spokesperson for Harry and Meghan told People Magazine: “I can confirm that Princess Lilibet Diana was christened on Friday, March 3 by the Archbishop of Los Angeles, the Rev John Taylor.”

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The statement is the first time that Lilibet had been referred to publicly as Princess.

Despite the couple having their HRH titles taken from them when they stepped down from Royal duties, Harry and Meghan are understood to be keen to not deny their children their birthright.

They have decided that it will be a chance for them to decide once they are older whether they want to keep or drop the titles.

Archie and Lilibet became Prince and Princess respectively when King Charles acceded to the throne last September.

Rules set out by King George V in 1917 mean Archie and Lilibet, as the children of a son of a sovereign, are automatically a prince and a princess.

It is understood that none of the Royal family attended the christening.

Harry previously explained that despite how he may feel about his relatives, he has always been keen for their children to keep their meaningful relationships.

He told People in January: “I’ve said before that I’ve wanted a family, not an institution — so of course, I would love nothing more than for our children to have relationships with members of my family, and they do with some, which brings me great joy.”

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