'I don't have a sense of entitlement about anything' – Jennifer Zamparelli says DWTS audition was 'gruelling'

Jennifer Zamparelli has opened up about her “gruelling” audition for the Dancing with the Stars hosting role.

The 2FM presenter is taking over from Amanda Byram as co-host alongside Nicky Byrne, for the third series of the RTE show in January.

“It was a very gruelling audition to be honest; three hours. I knew I had a lot to prove, because I come from a very different background,” she said.

Although hosting a prime-time series that is not focused on comedy will be something new for Jennifer, she doesn’t sound too nervous about it.

“If I can write, produce and star in a comedy series, I can do anything,” she said.

Jennifer previously admitted she was interested in the gig right from the start.

“There were auditions, and I asked my agent to get my name in the mix,” she said.

The Baldoyle woman has always been self-employed since she first started working, and often worries that work might dry up.

“I think because of being freelance from an early age, I don’t have a sense of entitlement about anything – to my detriment, I suppose,” she said.

“There’s always a fear that it’s all going to disappear and fall to pieces. I still have that now, with the radio show, with telly.

“It just tends to keep on going, but it could all go in the morning.

“I always treat each gig like it’s my last, which gives you a bit of a fearless attitude.”

Before she found success as a host and actress, Jennifer worked in sales.

She previously owned makeover studio Bella and also appeared as a contestant on BBC’s The Apprentice, an experience she disliked.

“It was so produced and so manipulated. They wanted to drive us mad,” she said of the experience.

Having worked in sales for so long, the Dubliner admitted she no longer fears failure.

“I don’t fear failing. My whole career in sales was people saying no to me.

“I’ve had more failings, than I’ve had successes,” she told Irish Tatler magazine.

After having her daughter Florence (3) with husband Lau, Jennifer took just 10 weeks off from 2fm.

However, she knew she would take a longer break when she welcomed son Enzo in January.

“I couldn’t do that again: come into a studio with my boobs leaking, and expressing in the toilet. You don’t want to come into work talking about kids, but your life has completely changed,” she said.

Although she was gone from 2fm for nine months, Jennifer still had to work on writing the next series of Bridget & Eamon.

“That’s all very hard as well. But it has to be done,” she said.

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