‘I will not thank you for 130K deaths!’ Piers Morgan savages Hancock as he begs for thanks

Piers Morgan hits out at Matt Hancock over UK death rate

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Matt Hancock joined Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday, one day after Boris Johnson released the Government’s roadmap on how England will leave the current lockdown restrictions. However, Good Morning Britain’s Piers was quick to probe Mr Hancock on the court ruling that determined he’d acted “unlawfully” when it came to the publication of PPE contracts earlier in the pandemic instead. And it didn’t take long for the interview to turn rather explosive.

After continually quizzing Mr Hancock on the ruling, the Health Secretary became visibly irked as both Piers and Susanna continued to speak over him.

Blasting Mr Hancock for “patronising” the two, Piers claimed the Health Secretary’s answers were “disingenuous” and would be pulled up on them if the GMB pair saw fit.

As the fiery debate neared its close, Mr Hancock admitted he felt the two should be “thanking” him and his team for their efforts in the pandemic, not continually putting them down – despite the court ruling.

“I think we should be on this programme thanking my team, they work so hard,” Mr Hancock said.

Piers quickly interjected: “Really? Well, let’s just analyse that, shall we?

“We have the worst – I’m sorry, if you want to play that game with us, you and your team have presided over a woeful handling of this pandemic that has led to us having the worst death toll in Europe.”

“130,000 people dead. So, I’m sorry if my first thought when you come on, Health Secretary, is to thank you and your team for your brilliant handling of the pandemic,

“Because I don’t think that 130,000 deaths show that you’ve handled it well.

“And I’m sorry that I’m not thanking you and applauding you.”

Mr Hancock stood firm, however, and hit back: “The second reason I’m exasperated and answer in this way is because, as soon as I start answering a question, you cut in.

“And just a second ago when I said can I answer the question, you said no, what’s the point -“

Piers interrupted once more to pull Mr Hancock up on his stance, referring to an earlier answer where he insisted there was no shortage of PPE in 2020.

“There’s an inconsistency there,” Piers added of Mr Hancock’s answers before trying to move the conversation on.

However, it was Mr Hancock’s turn to interject as he added to the debate: “No, it’s totally obvious and your watchers know what I’m saying,

“Which is yes, there were individual problems and I know that, and that’s what the team was sorting.”


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