Is Louise alive in Behind Her Eyes after fans spot pigeon clue?

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Behind Her Eyes has taken the top spot on Netflix as fans have been obsessing over the obscure ending. The series deals with themes such as astral projection and lucid dreaming and it has left viewers with many questions. They believe Louise (played by Simona Brown) may still be alive after they spotted a pigeon clue.

Is Louise alive in Behind Her Eyes?

Behind Her Eyes tells the story of a dangerous love triangle between a husband and wife David (Tom Bateman) and Adele (Eve Hewson) and Louise

David fell in love with Adele after rescuing her from a fire in which both of her parents died.

The romance did not last long and David ended up having an affair with his secretary, Louise.

Adele found out about the affair through her astral projection and befriended Louise as a way of getting back at her.

At the end of the series, Adele swapped bodies with Louise and killed her, so she could have David all to herself.

She was seen injecting Louise with a heroin overdose before dragging her body outside for the paramedics to find.

Some fans are convinced she is still alive, having quickly taken the form of a pigeon before it was too late.

At the end of the series the fake Louise was seen returning to her flat and a lone pigeon was sitting on the table.

She absentmindedly let it fly away, but viewers believe the real Louise had taken the form of the unsuspected bird at the last minute.

They took to Reddit to discuss the concept, with one fan saying: “A lot of people find it possible Louise is still alive, trapped inside Adele’s body because it’s never officially confirmed she’s dead so it’s logical to think she could be in a coma.

“My notion…After Adele flees the scene in Louise’s body, she enters the apartment and there’s a pigeon sitting on the counter.

“She coolly stares at it for a few moments until it flies out the balcony door. I believe Louise last-minute swapped bodies with the bird.”

While some fans agree the pigeon is Louise, others believe it is actually the real Adele.

The real Adele had been killed by her friend Rob (Robert Aramayo) so he could get closer to David, and he had swapped bodies with her.

Another fan said: “As mentioned previously a pigeon showed up earlier and there was a lot of emphasis on it sort of keeping an eye on what has been going on since Rob killed Adele (thought he did).

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“In a last minute effort Adele transported her soul into a pigeon and has just been keeping tabs, which is why Rob looks at it so menacingly in the apartment.

“I think the reason she can’t leave the pigeon and reclaim her own body is because she can’t count her 10 fingers so she’s trapped watching Rob ruin her and David’s life.”

Fans are right in thinking pigeons are given plenty of attention in the series.

While it is not certain who the bird symbolises, it seems the pigeon is of some significance to the story.

Another viewer said: “That’s a solid idea. I don’t remember how many times I saw pigeons throughout.

“But that scene of Rob/Louise looking at that pigeon, like…how they made a POINT of showing a pigeon had flown in thru the open door, that the door was left open for it to happen at all, then it sitting on the table and then to stop and cut to his face making eye contact and cut back to the bird doing the very same thing, before it flies off.

“Unless it’s s*** editing, which isn’t the vibe I got, there absolutely has to be a reason to have purposefully brought in an animal expert on to their set to get those shots and then include them in their final cut of the show [sic].”

Many viewers believe the pigeon is foreshadowing what is to come in a potential second season.

This may be a bizarre concept to some, but in this series anything is possible.

Behind Her Eyes is streaming on Netflix now

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