James Cleverly leaves BBC viewers distracted with Union Flag ‘Why am I not surprised?’

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Louise Minchin and Roger Johnson hosted BBC Breakfast on Monday and the pair invited Foreign Office minister James Cleverly onto the BBC show to discuss the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan following the Taliban’s seizing of Kabul. However, viewers were distracted by an unusual feature of the Union Flag positioned behind the minister. 

Cleverly conducted the interview in front of a distressed image of the Union Flag.

The unconventional style confused BBC Breakfast viewers as they took to Twitter to question his choice of flag.

One tweeted: “Cleverly: quick, quick…..get my Union Flag canvas picture out of the skip…..I’m on the telly chatting b******s this morning #BBCBreakfast.”

“Cleverly’s flag is a perfect metaphor for the state of the country. #bbcbreakfast,” another quipped. 

A third wrote: “What the s*****g hell is that behind James [email protected]?”

Someone else shared: “James Cleverly on BBCBreakfast. Union Flag behind him. Is the St Andrew’s cross in black? Are we blacked out? Why am I not surprised?”

“Not sure what subliminal message @JamesCleverly’s Union Flag is attempting to get across #messy #BBCBreakfast,” another remarked.

A sixth added: “#bbcbreakfast Has James Cleverly been using his flag to clean the toilet?”

More to follow…

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