James May branded ‘cruel’ as he bursts into hysterics at Kate and Wills waxwork

The Grand Tour: Richard Hammond on the new series

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May were able to take into some of Europe’s most glorious and hidden wonders during their latest The Grand Tour special.

However, a sightseeing visit to a waxwork museum in Poland had their attention piqued for all the wrong reasons.

Taking a detour from their route from Gdansk to Bled, the trio arrived in Krakow, a place Jeremy described as “one of Europe’s absolute gems”.

Speaking on his walkie-talkie to his co-stars as they drove in, he added: “One of the most cultured places probably in the world this.”

However, he spotted the chance to mock James who’d arrived in a car which had plastered on the side of it the words “t*****s ’n beer”.

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“I wouldn’t want to arrive here in a car that said ’t*****s n beer’ on it that’s for sure,” Jeremy quipped.

Richard added to James’s misery as he weighed in: “Art, music, architecture, t*****s ’n beer.”

“I’m aware of all this thank you,” James added before being mobbed by Polish fans keen for a selfie in his provocative vehicle.

Soon after James informed viewers how the trio were able to ditch the cars for a moment to explore something Jeremy described as the “best thing in the world”.

The cameras cut to the three of them at Krakow’s Wax Museum as Jeremy asked the attendant for three tickets.

“I’ve never been to a waxwork museum,” Richard commented as he slowly edged through the entrance.

Once inside, it didn’t take long for the former Top Gear stars to become giddy and lose all composure as they studied the waxwork models on display.

Just a few steps in, Richard had to turn around and clasp his mouth to stifle his laughter after spotting a waxwork of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

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In fact, it wasn’t just Richard who struggled to keep his cool as Jeremy erupted with laughter, again clutching his face as tears feel.

And James similarly saw the funny side as he could be seen grasping his stomach as hysterics took over.

Eventually, Richard pulled himself together enough to warn his co-stars to try and stifle their laughter.

“James, that’s really cruel. Stop it,” Richard said, himself still smirking.

He added: “The people who run the place will be b****y hurt.”

The Grand Tour is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video now.

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