Jeremy Vine’s wife asked ‘are you going to be safe’ over BBC presenter scandal

Jeremy Vine says BBC presenter is allegedly feeling ‘angry’

Jeremy Vine said his wife shared concern for his safety as he prepared to go and see Bruce Springsteen at the weekend.

The Channel 5 presenter was forced to publicly deny he is the BBC presenter at the centre of the sex picture scandal.

As he called on the BBC host to “come forward” on his Vine on 5 show, Jeremy explained his wife begged him to wear a baseball cap so he wouldn’t be recognised at a gig.

He shared on his show: “I had a situation: I was going to see Bruce Springsteen at the weekend and my wife said, ‘are you going to be safe there?’

“That’s how serious this thing is, and she gave me a baseball cap and said, ‘you better wear this.'”

Jeremy had earlier stated: “It’s his decision but he needs to come forward now, I think.

“I know his survival instinct has kicked in and I know he saw what happened to Phillip Schofield, but my God look at the damage to the BBC, look at the damage to his friends, to those falsely accused – and the longer he leaves it the worse it will be for him.”

He added: “I know the individual concerned. I am very worried about his state of mind and what this is doing to him.

“I haven’t spoken to him but I gather from somebody who has that he is described as angry and keen to play it long.

“Now to me that means that he wants to be anonymous for as long as possible, hoping that he can one day walk back into the building.”

The Radio 2 host went on to say the unnamed BBC presenter “will have to answer” the allegations against him.

“What’s happening is all this stuff is aggregating with no response.

“Now, he must have a defence, he must have one. Maybe he’s going to say it’s all a misunderstanding? Well I assume it.”

Jeremy stated he believed the BBC have “behaved with extraordinary decency” regarding the allegations.

He added if the broadcaster does sack the presenter, it may not be able to “name” him.

Jeremy Vine on 5 airs weekdays at 9.15am.

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