Jessa Duggar's husband Ben Seewald slammed for telling kids 'God controls the ocean' on beach trip

COUNTING On fans slammed Jessa Duggar's husband Ben Seewald for teaching his kids that “God made the beach” instead of about science.

Ben, 25, and Jessa, 28, share three kids – Spurgeon, five, Henry, four, and Ivy, one – and they had a little Bible lesson during a recent beach trip.

Jessa shared a new YouTube Vlog of their mini vacation, but her followers were more focused on what her husband was telling their sons.

The two boys wanted to watch TV, but their mom said that was only when it was dark out, so Ben decided they should learn a little about the beach from the Bible

He asked the young kids: “God made the beach, did you know that?”

The boys shook their heads and said they didn’t or they didn’t remember, and then their dad went on to tell them that God controls the water and tells it where to stop, which is why it doesn’t come over all the sand.

Fans on the Without a Crystal Ball Instagram page slammed the teachings, with the account first writing, alongside a clip from the YouTube video: “This is what happens when you take the Bible so literally. 

“Science tells us that tides are a result of the gravitational pull from the sun & the moon…Ben & Jessa are the examples of what happens when science is rebuked & not taught to children. 

“Now they are passing it on to their kids.”

Counting On fans agreed and slammed the Duggar duo for the “super cringe” lesson.

“OMFG,” one simply wrote, while another said: “Perpetuating stupidity. He’s so gross.”

Others said it was “the most awkward interaction with children” they have ever seen, saying it was “Cringeworthy.”

Many blasted them for only teaching the Bible and said “that science should be taught as well and kids should not be brainwashed liked this.”

When Jessa shared a photo gallery from the oceanside escape her family went on, she didn't include talk about the Bible lessons in her caption.

She said: “We traveled to Florida for a friend’s wedding last weekend, and ended up making a mini vacation out of our trip!"

Of the kids, the reality star, who recently showed off her new living room makeover, just shared: "The kids were in awe of the beauty of the beach!”

Ben previously came under fire last month after he urged people to "examine ourselves" before "pointing fingers" after the Capitol Hill riots.

He said: "With the unrest in America these days, the easy thing to do right now is to go on social media, point fingers and self-justify.

"The hard thing to do is to examine OURSELVES. To pray. To weep. To intercede before God for this nation and the people in it."

"Preaching this to myself too. God help me. God help us," Jessa's husband said.

But his comments didn't go down well with some users, who clapped back at his comments.

"We didn’t cause this Ben," one person replied.

Another posted a "Sit down, Felicia" meme, while a third said: "You preach love & compassion. There is nothing compassionate about what happened yesterday."

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