Jodie Whittaker debuts as The Doctor after explosive regeneration in series 11 episode 1 of Doctor Who

The actress crash-landed on to screens tonight in an explosive regeneration where she met new companions Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill in Sheffield.

They are not the only new faces popping up the BBC1 sci-fi drama.

My picture shows Siobhan Finneran – maid Sarah O’Brien from Downton Abbey – in a Victorian outfit for her role.

She will join ex-Corrie star Julie Hesmondhalgh, The Good Wife’s Alan Cuming and fellow Downton Abbey actress Phyllis Logan as guest stars.


Some mothers blue 'ave 'em

I can reveal it is planning a three-parter called Mum Makes Porn, which focuses a group of ordinary mums who are on a mission to make a sex movie.

So if you find Channel 4’s Naked Attraction too much with all its on-screen nudity, you might want to give this latest offering a swerve.

The new documentary will explore the nation’s obsession with porn and in particular the growing epidemic among teenage boys.

The mums, who have teenage children, will cast, storyline and direct a sex film. They will then show it to an audience. A telly source said: “It’s new territory for Channel 4 and hopefully viewers will respond well to it.

“There are definitely some shocking elements to the documentary but the point is to highlight the growing porn epidemic in the UK.


“It will also shine a light on to the sometimes murky world of adult film acting to show consumers what the industry is really like. Producers thought a group of mums could be a creative way of telling the story.”

It is being made by Firecrack Films, which is the same company behind Dr Christian Will See You Now.

Last week, Channel 4 ann- ounced another adult entertainment documentary called Generation Porn, exploring the effects of the adult industry on the British public.

It will chart the cyber porn industry’s explosion over the past few years at a time when website PornHub catered to 28.5billion visitors in 2017.

The makers will also look at how a new sex-film world is rapidly changing what its producers demand from porn stars.

I think I’ll stick to Grand Designs thanks.

IN Strangers, Anthony Wong is at the centre of a story about a woman with two secret families.

Now the actor, pictured, who plays David Chen in the ITV thriller, has discovered his own dad did the same thing.

Anthony’s late British father left his mum in Hong Kong and the star has found out he had a family in Australia – and has reunited with two brothers.

Graham peeved at parents

IT is a good thing Graham Norton does not have kids – because they would probably be in constant floods of tears.

In a rant about modern-day parenting, the radio and TV presenter hit out at those people who tell their children to follow their dreams, insisting it creates a generation of deluded youth.

Speaking at a Q&A in London last week, Graham said: “I do think that there is too much of ‘following your dream’ now.

“In the early Eighties it meant some-thing. Now it is like, ‘Stop following your dream. You are terrible. Find a new dream’. I do feel it is down to parents encouraging children when they shouldn’t.

“Stop putting drawings on the fridge. Just say, ‘This one… not good enough’.

“When they say, ‘Oh, he is the cleverest boy in the world’ – no he is not. Just a thought, parents. That ship might have sailed in your household, I don’t know.”

Harsh words but probably some truth in it.


GREY’S Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes and The Batman director Matt Reeves are to make a Netflix film and TV series based on sci-fi novel Recursion – about a technology that allows people to rewrite their memories.

Bella's true sex factor

IMPRESSING X Factor boss Simon Cowell was not the only worry for contestant Bella Penfold.

The rapper and singer, who won a place in the live shows with Macklemore’s anthem Same Love, said pals told her that being honest about her sexuality on the show could cost her votes.

In an exclusive interview with Bizarre TV, Bella, pictured with Simon, said: “It is daunting but my job is to be fearless with this song.

“I’m brave enough that I’ve come to terms with who I am. I didn’t want to go through a competition being dishonest and I’ve had friends tell me, ‘You might not want to say you’re with girls because you might lose the vote of boys’.

“I thought, ‘That’s a homo-phobic statement in myself. You’re telling me to hide who I am to gain more votes’.”

I think shows such as The X Factor have definitely moved beyond that.

must watch

WHAT? Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds, Channel 4, 9pm.

WHY? A new set of seniors are put through their paces as this eager bunch of four-year-olds descend on Lark Hill retirement home in Nottingham.


Meanwhile, Ross packs a holdall with duct tape, rope and plastic ties and is ready to head up to Home Farm to fulfil his mission.

In CORONATION STREET, Tracy confronts Abi for sleeping with Steve, unaware they have been having dance lessons, and Ken agrees to attend Daniel and Sinead’s wedding instead of Tracy’s.

Elsewhere, Jim tells Liz he has never stopped loving her and would like to try again.

Having had a biopsy, a terrified Sinead is taken for an MRI scan, and Ali is suspended from work because of his involvement in Cormac’s death.

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