John Duggar and wife Abbie slammed as 'irresponsible' for traveling to Florida with daughter Grace, 1, during pandemic

JOHN and Abbie Duggar have been branded "irresponsible" after traveling to Florida from Arkansas.

The pair took their daughter Gracie to Seaworld Orlando, and shared a picture of her beaming into the camera as she wore heart-shaped sunglasses.

But fans were not impressed, with one calling them "selfish and toxic."

"So irresponsible!" commented one fan, as another angrily shared: "STOP COMING HERE. It’s bad enough with our residents, the amount of people traveling here is absolutely ridiculous and selfish."

"John and Abbey are just as ignorant, selfish and toxic as all the rest. F**k them and the plane they flew in on," added a third.

One fan questioned how Abbie – who was a nurse – was not taking COVID seriously.

"Remember when people on here thought that because Abby was a nurse before she got married she’d/they’d take COVID seriously," they wrote.

"But here we are in reality and they’ve been to parties and traveled to go to parties."

The entire TV family have been consistently criticized for flouting public safety rules during the Covid pandemic.

On December 31, Jinger Duggar was slammed when she posted an old photo from June 2020 when Covid was raging, showing her entire extended family on vacation in South Carolina with no masks.

They also chose to have a large New Year's Eve party with no social distancing or face masks.

Taking to Reddit on January 1, one person shared an Instagram Story which appeared to show the family celebrating the start of 2021 with plenty of guests.

The first clip showed lots of people gathered in what appeared to be their huge living area singing a religious song.

The Story was captioned: "A great way to end 2020," and the next clip showed hoards of people gathered outside to watch a fireworks display.

The final video showed everyone singing Auld Lang Syne as balloons and confetti fell from the ceiling.

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