Joy-Anna Duggar admits she 'fell in love' with husband Austin at just 13 but insists they 'waited years to date'

JOY-ANNA Duggar revealed that she began to fall in love with husband Austin Forsyth when she was just 13-years-old. 

However, the Counting On star insisted the couple “waited years” before beginning their teenage romance which has now turned into a “happy marriage.”

The 23-year-old TLC personality did a Q+A on her popular YouTube channel, FollowTheForsyths. 

One fan asked “when and how did you know that Austin was more than an everyday crush?”

Joy-Anna confessed that her deep feelings started an entire decade ago. 

With a big smile, she told the camera: “The moment that I knew that Austin was an everyday crush was – he was 17 I was 13. 

“And this is not ‘I knew he was the one’ but this was more than liking him, he was cute.”

She painted a picture of the afternoon her feelings surfaced: “Austin was over at my family’s house playing volleyball, it was normal. 

“My family was around and if you know my dad, he will have people randomly share a testimony of how they got saved. 

“He had Austin share that night, and he shared his testimony of his hard teen years and that he really wanted to serve the lord. 

“And I was like ‘wow! You don’t see that in guys ever.’ And ever since then, I had a huge crush on him and really admired him. 

"So it just continued from there and now we’re happily married,” she gushed. 

The couple wed in 2017 when Joy-Anna was 19 and Austin was 23-years-old. 

Together, they share son Gideon, two, and five-month-old daughter, Evelyn. 

Joy-Anna is one of 19 kids from parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar – who raised their kin with a strict Christian upbringing. 

Their reality show follows the personal lives of the family members as they explore their relationships with God. 

In her video posted yesterday, Joy-Anna showed off her new bangs and freshly darker dyed hair.  

However, some suggested she now looked like a young Mandy Moore in the 2002 film A Walk To Remember, others bluntly told her they "don't suit you.”

"No why did you get bangs, it really doesn't suit you," commented one opinionated fan as another added: "Joy you are my favorite but those bangs…"

"The bangs aren't it. Love you tho," another joked.

The Duggars have been consistently criticized for flouting public safety rules during the Covid pandemic.

Joy-Anna was slammed for recently flying on an airplane to Tennessee with daughter Evelyn, 5 months, during the pandemic – and placing the baby girl on an airplane seat.

Fans accused Joy of "doing this on purpose," as the Duggar family have notoriously refused to follow strict guidelines placed on people across the world to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

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