Justin Hartley and Ellen DeGeneres Can't Stop Crying as They Spoof This Is Us with This Is Onions

Three seasons in, This Is Us fans have cried countless times — but Ellen DeGeneres has come up with a new show that’s an even bigger tear-jerker.

“One of the most popular shows on TV is This Is Us, and one thing they do better than any other show is make people cry,” she says in a newly released clip from the Ellen DeGeneres Show. “Now all the new shows are trying to make people cry, but I had an idea for a show that goes way further than these shows are willing to go.”

The concept? This Is Onions, a show where — you guessed it — everyone is constantly chopping onions. Joined by Justin Hartley (who plays Kevin Pearson), DeGeneres and the actor sob their way through scenes and hilariously poke fun at the show’s notorious slow cooker plot line.

In PEOPLE’s special edition, The Complete Guide to This Is Us, even the crew admitted to crying behind-the-scenes.

“I have cried on my acoustic guitar at least once an episode,” said show composer Siddhartha Khosla, who watches episodes in order to add the score.

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For producer Nick Pavonetti, the toughest scene was when William (Ron Cephas Jones) died.

“I was mixing that show crying,” he said. “I mean, bawling my eyes out, and giving orders to people crying at the same time was a really weird experience.”

Ellen airs weekdays (check local listings) and This Is Us airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on NBC.

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