Kanye West ‘building his own church’ in huge dome in Atlanta as part of presidency bid

KANYE West is building a dome in Atlanta which he plans to not only turn into a church but make it the base of his 2024 presidential campaign.

The rapper, 43, is building the dome in the city of his birth which will play home to his company, Yeezy Enterprises.

His manager Abou "Bu" Thiam told Rolling Stone, "Kanye is also building a dome now in Atlanta, so he’s shifting a portion of his company, Yeezy Enterprises, here."

But a source tells The Sun Online the dome will be more than just a business building, but rather a church for his Sunday Services.

The source says not only will Kanye host his services there, he also plans to also use it as his base for his next presidential bid.

"Kanye is building a big dome in Atlanta, and it's going to be his Sunday Service Church HQ," the source explains. 

"He's getting his church, and now wants his flock to come – he plans on holding Sunday Service every week there.

"It will also become the focus of his presidential campaign for 2024 too, this is where all the rallies will be held and where he will address the crowds – he wants to do it in his own style."

The source adds: "He firmly believes this is where the converted supporters will come from. 

"And it's going to become the new Yeezy HQ too – creating loads of new jobs there. And it's designed to be his showcase – he wants to win awards for the architecture of this and then to replicate it all over."

Atlanta seems a fitting choice for Kanye to build his church and run his presidential campaign.

The rapper was born in Atlanta and is where his dad, Ray West, still lives.

Kanye recently reconciled with his father – a former Black Panther – with whom he'd been estranged his whole life.

 "It took me 42 years to realise that my dad was my best friend," said in a music video last year.

Kanye launched the private gospel Sunday Service events in 2018 and has indicated he wants to turn it into his vocation by becoming a preacher.

An insider said: “As always with Kanye, the details around him actually starting a church are a bit vague, but Kanye’s got huge plans and the team around him to make them happen.”

In 2018, Kanye announced plans to run for president in 2024 and he believes he’ll have even more of a chance at success if he becomes a preacher too.

The insider added:  “Kanye still plans on running for president, and this would really build up his support base. He’s talking about touring the States with the Sunday Service. He says all he needs is a platform, a groundswell of supporters and then he can start delivering his messages and harnessing people power.”

Kanye’s wife Kim often shares video from their now famous Sunday Services, which have already  featured Kaye Fox, 070 Shake, and Kid Cudi.

There is usually a gospel choir and their daughter North is known to get up and dance to the music.

The Grammy-award winner is no stranger to domes and plans to add them to his properties in Wyoming and Los Angeles.

He had planned to build Star Wars-inspired dome buildings as affordable housing, before he was ordered to take them down by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works for building without permits.

In July 2020 he shared a picture of the domes being rebuilt, allegedly in Wyoming where he and wife Kim Kardashian own two further ranches.

Kanye – who has a net worth of $1.3 billion – has plans to incorporate several unique features into the rustic acreage, including a series of seven dome-shaped structures, a skate park, and something called a “urine garden,” according to WSJ Magazine.

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