Kate Garraway has been reading Piers Morgan's book Wake Up to seriously-ill husband Derek Draper in intensive care

KATE Garraway has been reading Piers Morgan's book, Wake Up, to her seriously-ill husband.

Derek Draper, 53, remains in intensive care a year after being struck down by Covid-19.

Kate's devastating documentary about his struggle to recover aired last month – and Piers has told how he's been supporting her family.

Writing in his Mail on Sunday diary, Piers said of his second birthday in lockdown: "It also served as a stark reminder of how grim things were on March 30, 2020, especially for my stupendously courageous and inspiring friend Kate Garraway.

"That was the day her husband Derek was rushed to hospital with Covid, and he remains seriously ill.

"I spoke to Kate at length when her incredibly powerful documentary about it all aired on ITV last week, and she told me she’s been reading Derek my book, Wake Up.

"Never have I wished those words to be more prescient."

Kate's fans were heartbroken as they watched Derek sob "I don't want to carry on" in the ITV documentary Finding Derek.

He cried: "There's no way out, there's no way out."

Kate, who was at home with their two children, replied calmly: "What do you mean there's no way out? In terms of what?"

Derek said: "I've got to the point where I just think, f*** it. F*** it."

Kate asked: "As in die?" and when Derek said yes, she replied: "No….no."

Derek grew more distressed and tearful and sobbed to his wife: "I don't know how to cope, I don't know how to cope."

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