Katie Price says she went too far with lip fillers and 'hates her wrinkly under-eye bags' in surgery documentary

KATIE Price has admitted she went too far with lip fillers in the past as she opened about her love of surgery and cosmetic procedures.

The 42-year-old admitted she struggled with her appearance now as she grows older in a new documentary for Steph’s Packed Lunch.

She said: “When I look in the mirror now, under my eyes look wrinkly. When I frown, I just hate how it looks, but I am happy and I’m healthy. That’s what I tell myself. 

“There’s pictures I look at sometimes from my past and I think ‘oh my god my lips, what was I thinking?’”

Discussing the drive for people to look a certain way, she continued: “I just think social media doesn’t help because young girls are influenced by what they see. I think girls are having surgery too young but for the wrong reasons.”

Mum-of-five Katie is known for completely altering her appearance over the years and in that time she has suffered from botched surgery, including repeated infections in her boobs from implants.

Katie first went under the knife in 1998, boosting her breasts to a 32C and has gone both up and down in size since then – having 12 boob jobs in total.

In 2015 she removed all traces of implants and returned to her natural bust size for the first time in 16 years.

Last year the star, who says she now has a "dream body", flew to Turkey to have lipo, facelift, a Brazilian bum lift and a boob reduction.

She landed the job as a reporter on the Channel 4 show earlier this year and surgery is the latest topic she is addressing.

Speaking about her new short, a source said: : "Katie is known for having cosmetic surgery and she'll be an open book for the documentary.

"She is keen to speak out on every little detail, including the ops that went wrong, and the ones that she thought were successful.

"Katie will be talking to surgeons and other people who have had cosmetic surgery too – as well as discussing body image and how social media like Instagram has made people's self-confidence worse."

The insider went on: "Katie will also reflect on why she chose to get surgery in the first place – way back in the '90s!”

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