Katie Price slams ‘Love Islanders and influencers’ who have ‘too much surgery to look like aliens’ in sweary rant

KATIE Price slammed "Love Islanders and influencers" who have "too much surgery to look like aliens" in a sweary rant.

The former glamour model, 42, ranted against reality stars who have too much surgery too young during a chat about her documentary Harvey and Me.

Katie said she only started having work done on her face in her forties – andsays the girls have "that alien look".

Speaking about models and influencers having work done, Katie told the Evening Standard: "I do think girls these days are having far too much done to their faces early on.

"I only started in my forties – obviously I was younger when I did my boobs. All the girls are looking the same – filler, lips, that alien look."

The star – whose boyfriend Carl Woods was once on Love Island – also tore into influencers flying to Dubai for "work trips" as the rest of the country faces lockdown restrictions.

She continues: "Do you want to know the truth? I am sick to death of reading celebrities complaining that they can't go to Dubai.

"Is that really what you are worried about? So many people are losing their families to Covid and you just want to go flaunt yourself in your f**king bikini.

"It's so selfish. I could fly Harvey abroad away from it all but I am here."

The reality star added: "I am a quite rebellious person and even I am respecting lockdown. I have had the police turn up at my house because I've put old pictures up on social media and people have thought I have been out.

"The police have come six times and I say, 'well you can see I am here' and they are embarrassed but they have to do their jobs because the infection rate is going up so quickly.

"I have Harvey to protect and I haven't seen my [seriously ill] mum because of Covid so I hate it when people think it's funny to f**k off and have a holiday. It is b****ks taht they say they are there to work.

"What do they f**king do? Go on Instagram? B****ks. They don't even know what work is. I don't even know how many Love Islanders there are anymore."

Stars like Towie's Olivia Attwood have spoken out against celebs fleeing to Dubai – with the star even suggesting fans unfollow the influencers.

Katie Price's documentary, Harvey and Me, has been praised by celebrities and fans alike since airing last night.

The programme documented Katie's search for a specialist residential college capable of coping with 29st Harvey now that he has turned 18.

The 6ft disabled teenager was seen whacking his head against a door and punching windows in the brutally honest documentary.

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