Line of Duty fans predict DS Lomax’s real identity as they spot Dot connection

Line of Duty fans are sure that the DS Chris Lomax (Perry Fitzpatrick), who has been working alongside Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) and Jo Davidson (Kelly MacDonald), could be hiding a big secret.

He has been helping them with the investigation into TV reporter Gail Vella's murder, following her brutal death as she got out of her car.

Viewers of the show have been suspicious of DS Lomax during the probe, as they accused him of asking leading questions in an investigation and making several bungles.

Whilst fans will have to wait and see if he is corrupt, many couldn't help noticing his similarity to late copper Matthew 'Dot' Cottan, who was revealed to be deeply integrated with the crime network within the police.

He was shot by an unknown crime group member after AC-12 finally realised he was corrupt and sabotaging their inquiries into Danny Waldron's death.

Fans have taken to social media to comment on the likeness between the pair, from both their appearance to their voice and mannerisms.

One posted: "A WEEK! Mother of god, I can’t believe I’ll have to wait to find out who Jo is related to. Bet it’s Tommy Hunter. Also what’s Lomax’s deal? Is he related to Dot? "

Another added: "Ok… Lomax is definitely Dot's long lost twin brother right??"

A third chipped in: "So I switched on last weeks episode straight after Urgent Exit and jeez Lomax is Dot right, the voice is almost the same … a

@jed_mercurio red herring or something new?"

A fourth said: "Why does Chris Lomax sound so much like Dot Cottam when he speaks? We know Jed doesn’t put anything in by accident."

A fifth agreed: "If Lomax doesn’t turn out to be Dot’s son, it’s a criminal waste of casting."

Could Lomax be secretly related to Dot and corrupt? Or could it all be a coincidence?

Meanwhile, another secret relative bombshell was dropped at the end of Sunday's episode, as AC-12 made a shocking discovery.

After analysing Jo's DNA in her ex Farida Jatri's house, they ran it through the system to see if they were any matches.

DI Steve Arnott told Superintendent Ted Hastings that she matched someone who had a nominal crime record, and someone that has a history with AC-12.

As Hastings saw the face in the file, he was clearly shocked, but fans will have to wait and see who the mysterious person is.

Line of Duty continues on Sunday at 9pm on BBC.

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