Little People's Audrey Roloff slammed for taking photo of son Bode, 1, standing on table eating glitter

LITTLE People Big World's Audrey Roloff was slammed as a "bad mom" for taking picture of her son Bode, 1, who was standing on a table and eating glitter.

She's previously come under fire for forcing the image of a perfect marriage to Jeremy Roloff and being careless with their kids.

Over the weekend, Audrey shared a pic of Bode sitting on top of the dining table with his mouth and hands covered in glitter.

She also shared another picture of him revealing that she had to clean up some "glitter poops."

However, fans didn't really see it as a thing to be brushed off as many slammed her, as they claimed that he had been alone enough to climb out of his high chair and onto the table to eat glitter.

One Redditor said: "Damn, that would be one of those moments you sprint to the kid, look them over, and thank God they didn't get hurt."

Another wrote: "TBH I feel like she wants to be called out at this point. Engagement is engagement."

And a third shared: "So he wasn't even strapped in!"

Back in December, Audrey was slammed after she sat her three-year-old daughter next to a hot stove.

She posted a video of her daughter sitting on top of the kitchen counter, reading a book, while the mother of two used the stove just inches away.

She captioned the Instagram Story: “Coco, books, fires, puzzles”

The 29-year-old said they were getting into the winter and holiday season with some hot cocoa, and she added that she was going to be putting some booze into her own cup.

After seeing the toddler so high and so close to the flame, LPBW fans slammed the mom.

"One day she is going to fall off that counter even if it is by accident and it’s not going to good,” one user wrote.

Another sarcastically said: “Let’s light the gas burner, heat a pot of food and then put out small child next to it! 

“Oh, and let’s not forget to turn the handle of the hot pot toward the child. Good Lord.”

A third Redditer said: “One of these days, her consistently poor safety choices are going to cause an accident."

The note came as this isn’t the first time Audrey – who recently supported brother-in-law Jacob after he claimed he was molested by a show producer as a child, despite their ongoing feud – has been slammed for seemingly putting her kids in danger.

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