Loose Women turns awkward as Ruth asks Brenda ‘what’s your name again?’

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Loose Women host Ruth Langsford appeared to not remember her colleague's name on Wednesday afternoon's show as she introduced her to actor Larry Lamb via video link.

Earlier in the programme, the ladies discussed intimacy and finding a new partner once you reach a certain age.

Panellists Brenda Edwards and Coleen Nolan were very vocal about this topic and discussed certain discomforts they may have with the idea of a new partner.

As the show progressed actor Larry Lamb joined the ladies via video link to discuss his thoughts on intimacy too.

But when Ruth spoke to Larry about the topic, she forget Brenda's name.

Ruth said: "Speaking to Coleen and what's your name again?"

After a quick pause, the This Morning host said "Brenda".

But Ruth's forgetfulness was evidently picked up by the Loose Women ladies, including Larry Lamb as they all awkwardly giggled.

But Brenda didn't seem to see the funny side to it and made a disapproving face to the camera.

On Tuesday's episode of Loose Women, Brenda found herself in an uncomfortable disagreement with co-host Penny Lancaster.

Talking about the lockdown restrictions in the UK and whether Britain should be allowed to open up all venues by June 21st, the ladies seemed to not find common ground.

Brenda said: "If anything what they should have done was wait until 21st June and then see how the data is with other things in our country that are opening up. Before you start flying people everywhere."

Trying to speak about the subject too, former model Penny repeatedly called Brenda's name and then said: "Brenda, calm down darling."

But viewers were not happy with Penny's approach which led some of them to air their opinions on Twitter.

One viewer said: "Penny’s 'Calm down darling' comment to Brenda, followed by a giggle. Uncomfortable viewing. Micro aggression. Brenda was calm."

While another chimed: "The way Brenda was made to look crazy and aggressive because she was expressing a (controversial) opinion… What’s happening to our freedom of speech?"

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