Love Island fans all have the same complaint following last night’s show

We’re over a month in since season 10 of Love Island started, and so far, there’s been some serious drama. From Kady McDermott’s bombshell entrance after seven years, to Molly Marsh’s shocking dumping (before turning back up at Casa Amor), it’s safe to say it’s been an eventful series.

However, following last night’s episode, 10 July, it seems like some fans are getting a little tired of the current format, mainly for one reason. That it feels like it’s been forever since the show opened up to the public vote.

To recap, it was the night after the iconic movie night at Casa Amor, and things were looking a little mellower in the villa than the previous day. Mainly thanks to the carnage that unravelled during Sunday's episode, which saw the Islanders choose between: The Lying, The Mitch and The Wardrobe, Sin-Der-Ella and The Full Montel. Of course, we all watched Mitch's lying exposed plus Ella and Ouzy's blossoming Casa Amor relationship.

However, at the end of Monday's episode, things geared up a little more during the final scenes as the teaser clip saw all of the contestants receive a text that read: “Can all Islanders gather around the fire pit immediately.” The camera then cut to them all sitting next to each other looking visibly shocked and anxious as they waited for the announcement.

While fans weren’t let in on the big news, it’s highly likely that there’s either a new dumping on the horizon, or a recoupling. That is unless there’s another big twist, which we wouldn’t be surprised by either at this point.

At the minute, fans think it’s 100% a dumping, which led to many of them flocking to Twitter to air their frustration that – if they’re right – why weren’t they let in on the action in choosing an Islander to leave?

Taking to the social media platform, one person said: “They’re going to send home someone without a Public vote ???? #LoveIsland,” as another echoed the sentiment, writing: “wtf where is the public vote?? don’t tell me someone is getting dumped from this next recoupling alone #LoveIsland.”

Further fans commented on how long it’s been since there was a public vote, as someone else penned: “Producers, I think we’re overdue a public vote,” as a fourth said: “CAN WE BRING BACK PUBLIC VOTING. Like why don’t we vote anymore…#LoveIsland.”

“Give us the next public vote already IM TIRED #LoveIsland,” others pleaded, while another agreed, adding: “Wait what?!?????? Still no public vote are you kidding???”

OK, it seems like the people of Twitter have spoken. But in terms of tonight’s episode, we’ll just have to wait to see what’s actually going to happen…

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