Love Island fans rage as they spot Arabella smirking during Yewande’s Danny chat

Love Island fans were left seething with rage tonight when they spotted Arabella smirking during Yewande's tense chat with Danny.

The Irish stunner called the pair over for an emotional confrontation after finding out Danny had been cracking on with the blond model.

Yewande was visibly upset as she called the pair out and accused Danny of lying to her.

However, viewers pointed out Danny and Arabella didn't appear to be taking her seriously and they were both smirking despite Yewande's emotional state

"One tweeted: "Why is Danny all teeth and gums? Does he think this is a funny?."

Another added: "Arabella and Danny look like they’re enjoying this drama WAYYYY too much."

A third wrote: "I actually feel sorry for yewande, he needs to tell her straight instead of pussy footing around it, and arabella smirking while she’s upset.|

One more stated: "Yewande, a queen handled it well, whilst that mad thing arabella was smirking."

There's plenty of dramatic scenes in tonight's episode of Love Island after Yewande confronts Danny over his pursuit of new girl Arabella.

She accused him of lying when he said another girl wouldn't turn his head and was seen breaking down in tears and declaring she wants to quit the villa as she's so upset over the way Danny has treated her.

However, Arabella is adamant she's not done anything wrong and insisted she's got every right to crack on with the hunky model.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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