Love Island fans shocked as Shaughna is sent home by Luke M after he chooses Demi in tense recoupling

LOVE Island fans were left shocked tonight as Shaughna was sent home by Luke M after he chose Demi during a tense recoupling.

The boys were given the power to choose which girl they wanted to recouple with, and Luke M had the biggest dilemma on his hands.

While he had been getting to know Demi over the last few days, Shaughna threw him a curveball during last night's show when she told him she liked him too.

Jamie got to pick first as he's the new boy and he coupled up with Natalia.

Demi had also been getting to know him, so his choice meant she needed Luke M to choose her so she could stay in the villa.

Meanwhile, Mike coupled with Priscilla, Callum coupled with Molly and Finn obviously chose girlfriend Paige.

Ched went next and coupled up with Jess, while Luke T stuck with his love interest Siannise.

That left Luke M to make his decision, and he opted to stick with Demi.

He explained his reasons, saying: " I feel like she hasn't had the best luck in the villa but that's going to change.

"This has probably been the hardest decision I've had to make but I've had to go with my heart and my gut. The girl I'd like to couple up with is…Demi."

The rest of the Islanders were devastated to see Shaughna go, with best friend Paige bursting into tears.

In the Beach Hut, she sobbed: "I started my journey with Shaughna and she has been such a big part of my experience as much as Finn."

Taking Paige aside, the girls sobbed as Shaughna said: "I came in here and I found someone I love, I can't wait to see you again.

"I'm going to miss you so much, I really am."

Fans were devastated by Shaughna's departure, as one wrote on Twitter: "My hearts broken at Shaughna leaving, raise ur hand if she was ur winner #LoveIsland."

Another added: "Shaughna’s gone might as well stop watching."

A third tweeted: "just wanna clarify, like i'm happy for demi and luke m and all… buttttt, like i'm still trying to get over the heartbreak of shaughna so can we not shove the relationship in our faces so quick, please and thank you."

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