‘Love Island lineup are all young and fame-hungry – I’d steal their man any day’

Ibiza Weekender star Tasha Kiran says there is a problem with the Love Island lineup.

The TV holiday rep reckons that the Islanders are all too young and go on the show purely for fame.

Tasha exclusively said: "The thing is they are all so young, I want some older people in there. They're all like 19/20.

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"I'm part of the older generation, I'm 28, nearly 29, and they're all too young for me.

"When they're that young, they aren't looking for love, they are all just looking for 15 minutes of fame.

"They should put slightly older people in there who actually want to find a boyfriend – like me!"

She continued: "They just see all the followers and the brand deals and go on it for that – they're not genuine."

When asked if she would want to go on the show herself, Tasha revealed that she would be more than up for it.

Tasha replied: "Oh yeah, I'd be down for that, put me in there as a bombshell. I'd steal anyone's man, I wouldn't care!

"Oh and of course, I'd get down and dirty, you've already seen me do that on Weekender, so yeah why not."

But who would she have eyes on in the ITV villa?

"I've only had a quick look, but Tyrique is so sexy. How old is he? 24? He's a little young, but oh he is lovely," she answered.

The Weekender series has recently been axed and Tasha claim she has been left "heartbroken" as she said, "it's all I've ever known".

She said: "I'm still so sad and heartbroken, as it's all I really know.

"Because of Covid, we had a big break and came back to a different location and I don't think it really worked."

"ITV has just done dead and too PG – it's not the right channel for it anymore."

Tash added: "We're still doing the holidays, but I am also in talks with some shows that could be coming up. I can't say just what yet, but some things are really exciting."

"It needs to go to BBC Three or Channel 4, so fingers crossed another channel will pick it up.

"But I've got high hopes that it won't be done forever."

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