Love Island’s Amy Hart has been messaging Curtis’ brother AJ Pritchard

Love Island star Amy Hart has reached out to the brother of ‘first love’ Curtis Pritchard on Instagram , claiming she “feels like she knows the family”.

The 26-year-old struck up a conversation with Strictly star AJ Pritchard after being dumped by his sibling.

AJ made the revelation while speaking on talkRADIO.

He said: “She spoke to me. She sent me a message actually afterwards and said she feels like she knows the family and she could only praise Curtis about being honest.”

He added that he would be seeing Amy and the rest of the cast on Sunday on the Aftersun programme.

AJ, a professional ballroom dancer like his brother, admitted Curtis’ treatment of Amy was “brutal”.

Curtis left the nation stunned after telling Amy his “head had been turned” just as she declared her love for him.

The heartbroken former air hostess was so heartbroken she quit the show and returned the UK.

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AJ told talkRADIO: “Sometimes he was maybe a bit too brutally honest. He could have let her down a bit softer rather than saying ‘yes, I don't see myself marrying you and having kids with you’.

“That was harsh, I'm not lying, it was harsh.”

However, he conceded saying he felt “it’s better to be honest”.

Amy returned to the UK on Wednesday afternoon after sensationally quitting the show following her heartbreaking dumping.

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