Love Island’s Jess impresses Sammy with her ‘cool’ Olympics-inspired middle name

Love Island's Jess Harding left former partner Sammy Root impressed on Saturday's Love Island: Unseen Bits as she revealed her Olympics-inspired middle name.

In the weekly episode, which gives viewers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the villa with deleted moments, scenes and hilarious blunders, Sammy, 22, asked Jess, 22, her middle name.

To which she revealed it was Sydney thanks to the Olympics taking place in Australia during the year she was born in 2000.

Jess explained: "Basically, my mum, she loves the Olympics. When me, my brother and sister were born, the year that we were born, she named us after the location it was at for our middle name.

"So I was Sydney, as the Olympics were in Australia when I was born, my brother is Max Denver, that's cool isn't it! My sister is Charlie Atlanta."

Elsewhere, fans went wild on Saturday's episode as an adorable new arrival surprised the Islanders – a cat.

And it wasn't long until the cat decided to interrupt Molly Marsh, who has since been dumped, and then partner Zachariah Noble's conversation.

To which Molly decided to interact with the feline by meowing and making cat noises to which the cat responded before making its way around the villa.

Show watchers were quick to go wild over the furry arrival, joking that the cat wasn't afraid to "step on any paws".

One person tweeted: "An actual Cat??? #LoveIsland", a different account put: "Aren’t they in the middle of nowhere?! Where do these cats come from #loveisland."

Another follower wrote: "omg a cat #loveisland", a different viewer said: "That cat is here to find love and they are not afraid to step on toes! #Loveisland."

While a different viewer added: "How did a cat get into the villa is the cat still in the villa? Is the cat ok after being in the villa I’ve so many questions #LoveIsland."

And this wasn't the only animal arrival as later on, Leah Taylor spotted a birds nest in one of the cameras as the feathery creature started exploring the villa.

To which one person tweeted: "Today unseen bits we are watching cats and birds #LoveIsland."

While a different account put: "we’re seeing…a bird segment #loveisland."

Love Island continues every night at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

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