Maggie Q Requested No Guns Be Used In New Action-Thriller, ‘Fear The Night’

A bachelorette party at a remote desert house is suddenly terrorized by home invaders.

That’s the plot of the new action thriller, Fear the Night, which stars Maggie Q as the sister of the bride and a hardened Iraq war veteran and skilled combatant. The women battle back against the invaders while searching for their father’s trove of guns.

Given the premise, you’d expect a classic shoot-’em-up to ensue. You’d be wrong.

Q wanted to do the film to work with writer-director Neil LaBute (In the Company of Men, Nurse Betty, Lakeview Terrace). She’s a seasoned action star who previously went from Hong Kong martial arts films to appearing in Mission: Impossible III and Live Free or Die Hard.

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But she had one request – no guns.

“I mean, she’s definitely looking for a gun,” Q said in an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment. “She’s trying to find her father’s weapons but it doesn’t happen for them. I said, ‘Let’s get a little more creative.’ If she finds her father’s guns, it’s game over. It’s not interesting.

“The guys who are attacking them can’t use guns because they can’t make noise. I was trying to create something that was a little bit different and more creative in the way that they were meant to get out of their situation. Because [in the original script], she finds guns, and there’s a gunfight and all that sort of stuff. So we changed it.”

Q also a soapbox objection to the use of firearms.

“If we don’t have to promote [gun violence], why promote it?”

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