Married at First Sight fans brand Morag 'reality cheese' as they recognise her from old TV dating show

MARRIED At First Sight's Morag Crichton has already tried her luck at finding love on the TV – having previously appeared on Take Me Out.

Morag was seen tying the knot with a complete stranger called Luke during Tuesday night's episode of MAFS on E4.

But this is the veterinary nurse's second attempt to snare herself a man on a telly dating show.

In 2018, Morag signed herself up for ITV1's Take Me Out and starred on the programme for seven weeks.

Unfortunately, it was a case of 'no likey' and she failed to end up with a date during her stint.

She did, however, later admit to fancying Take Me Out host Paddy McGuinness.

The one I fancied was Paddy McGuinness."

Morag told the Plymouth Herald: "I didn’t get a date, and I’m not disappointed.

“There was nothing wrong with the men but I wouldn’t have gone out with them in real life. I had to be true to myself.

"Anyway, the only one I fancied was (presenter) Paddy (McGuinness). He was the nicest guy, so good to all of us. A real gentleman."

Some eagle-eyed Married At First Sight fans have recalled seeing her on Take Me Out.

"I feel like I definitely saw her on another reality show," one tweeted.

Another replied: "She was on Take Me Out for a series."

The original tweeter chimed in: "That's it! She just has that vibe doesn't she. Pure reality cheese so far from her."

Fans watched on Tuesday night as Morag married a fireman called Luke having never met him before.

Morag explained that her sick father – who she cared for – had recently passed away and that it was "her time" to find love.

However, although she started to warm to Luke as the episode went on, she had moaned: "I've not got what I ordered".

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