Mayans M.C. Episode 6 Recap: Major twists change the game

Episode 6 of Mayans M.C. opens with an orange tabby cat wandering around Adelita’s (Carla Baratta) rebel camp as Pablo and Adelita are discussing their next move.

Coco, EZ, and Angel arrive at Adelita’s camp with the cash from Angel’s deal with Cole. Adelita writes coordinates on a piece of paper as Andres looks at the numbers.

Angel (Clayton Cardenas) gives Adelita half of the money telling her they’ll get the other half when Cole moves the six keys of heroin. Angel requests a private conversation during which Adelita reveals her real name is Louisa Espina. Adelita agrees to tell him everything about her plans.

In the Mayans M.C. Santo Padre clubhouse, Hank (Frankie Loyal) explains Taza and Riz made it to Vegas and delivered product to the Chinese. Bishop (Michael Irby) asks Hank what his opinion is on splitting protection with Galindo’s men, Hank agrees it’s a good idea should things go sideways they don’t take a big hit.

Bishop says they’ll keep Coco and Angel close for a couple more weeks to prove to Alvarez there isn’t a mole at the table. Hank agrees to take Coco with him on a copper deal. Bishop mentions the mayor, Antonia Pena, is getting heat from the militia situation.

At Felipe’s (Edward James Olmos) house, Kevin is sitting on his front porch drinking hard liquor. Out of fear Kevin (Maurice Compte) moved his family to his wife’s sister’s house. Felipe invites Kevin inside.

At the Galindo house, Emily and Devonte (Tony Plana) discuss the border deal where Miguel intends to buy land to expand his legitimate businesses. Emily (Sarah Bolger) is worried about pulling out of the deal and burning Antonia Pena, who bent a lot of rules for them.

Miguel (Danny Pino) says she won’t make life hard for them because he employs more than 20% of Santo Padre. Emily remarks that Dita doesn’t like what she’s doing by being involved with Miguel’s business deals. Devonte reveals that Emily is a lawyer or at least went to law school.

Beyond the border, Pablo and Adelita bring some of the rebel kids to a market. Adelita is in disguise. Andres lies about having to go to the bathroom, going to a payphone to call Nestor with the location. In the food store, Adelita hands the bag of cash Angel gave her to an unknown man wearing a Route 66 hat.

At the salvage yard, Coco, EZ (JD Pardo) and Angel return where Chucky reveals Leticia, Coco’s daughter is waiting for him. Inside the office, Coco admits to Angel and EZ that Leti is his daughter.
Bishop and Hank come to collect Coco and Angel. Coco tells EZ to watch his daughter and make sure she doesn’t go anywhere.

Leti, upset her father left, attempts to leave. EZ stops her when she asks EZ to help her. Removing her shirt, she shows EZ bruises on her body before opening the trunk of her car to show the body of the dead trucker inside.

She took 10 dollars to get something to eat and he beat her for trying to rob him and she killed him. EZ agrees to help her clean up the truck and put the body back to make it look like someone tried to jack him.

Back at Felipe’s house, Kevin and Felipe are having coffee when Kevin inquires further about the pictures and documents Felipe showed him in the last episode. Felipe confesses his story was true and he got out through “blood and money” when the woman that he loved was pregnant with their first son.

In so few words, Kevin apologizes for what he’s tried to do to Felipe and EZ, explaining that the US Attorney is pushing him to find leverage against Galindo. Kevin implies that they may be able to help EZ, however, Kevin does not know much about the DEA’s plan, as it’s out of his pay grade and only his higher-ups know the details.

At the Galindo mansion, Nestor explains to Miguel that he got a call from Andres with their new location and they need to move now before they relocate again.

Just as they’re planning their next move, Dita announces a woman named Adelita is on the phone for Miguel. Miguel speaks with Adelita who delivers her demands for the return of Cristobal.

She requests 7 million pesos in cryptocurrency and that Miguel arrives alone to the specified location to retrieve his son. Miguel gives his team the order to prep the money and once he has Cristobal to have Nestor hit the location and kill the rebels.

EZ drives Leti to where the trucker’s rig is parked. A car drives past with a Wildcats sticker on the back of the car, the mascot of Emily’s high school, which causes EZ to flashback to 8 years earlier.

He’s on his way to his father’s butcher shop as a car bearing a Wildcat decal on the drives past. As EZ reaches the shop he notices the door ajar. Running inside, EZ discovers his mother dead on the floor.

While EZ is checking out the cab of the truck, two men approach. Thinking that he was stealing the rig, EZ gets into a fight with them and Leti then stabs one of the men in the back with a screwdriver.

The two then flee the scene. EZ calls Angel who meets up with them. Angel recommends getting rid of the body and the truck at night. Angel takes Leti on his motorcycle while EZ drives the car.

As Angel as following EZ, a police car pulls a U-turn and pursues. It is revealed that Leti stole her grandmother’s car and it’s been reported stolen. EZ leads the cops on a high-speed chase as he flashes back again to the same night 8 years ago.

The night his mother was killed, EZ follows the suspect’s vehicle. EZ retrieves a gun from the glove compartment and rear ends the killer.

In real time, EZ manages to lose the cops and pulls the car off to a cornfield, flooding it with water from the irrigation system. Unable to flee on foot, EZ waits out the police in the field.

Meanwhile, Emily, Dita, Devante, and Miguel arrive at the location specified by Adelita. Miguel enters the station alone as the stray cat wanders by, waiting for Adelita’s call.

EZ manages to make it back to the salvage yard. Coco is appreciative of EZ’s work with helping his daughter.
EZ questions Coco (Richard Cabral) as to why Leti found out he was her father a week ago. Coco explains his family is toxic and keeping them distant was best.

Coco steps inside the office to talk with Leti where Coco reveals how Chucky ended up in Santo Padre. Coco won him in a card game, yet no further context is provided. Coco explains to Leti he has two other children by different mothers and him staying out of his kid’s lives was better for them.

Coco agrees to be in her life and establish a relationship, however, he requests that she stop making adult films. Coco gets in the car with Leti and drives off as Hank and Bishop walk up behind, suspicious of the girl.

While EZ is in the bathroom washing up, he hears Bishop question Chucky (Michael Ornstein) on the young girl seen with Coco.

Chucky explains to Bishop that family is important and if they put their trust in him, he has to be trustworthy. Suspicious, they asked if the girl’s name is Adelita to which Chucky can’t confirm. Hank remarks lying to them is not a good idea. Only saying that the girl is essential to Coco.

Back at Felipe’s house, Kevin and Felipe are going over his old photos where they discussed his partner Espina, sharing the same surname as Adelita’s real name.

Felipe remarks that he doesn’t know if his partner ever got out of life, as he did. Kevin reveals his struggle to impress his father, an abusive alcoholic, and the reason for becoming a DEA agent.

Back with Miguel, Pablo and Adelita are watching him on surveillance cameras. She calls him to confirm the payment went through, telling him there’s a blue car in the parking lot where he can find his son. Miguel retrieves Cristobal from the car and brings him through security checks.

As Miguel tries to get through security he is stopped and a security guard tells Miguel to follow her.S he then cuts open the blanket that Cristobal was wrapped in to find it filled with heroin. Miguel is then apprehended and his son taken.

Pablo, Adelita, Minni, and Andres are on a rooftop watching Nestor and his men arrive at a warehouse thinking that’s where they’re located.

Adelita set Andres up, allowing him to see false coordinates suspecting that he was the plant. Andres apologizes to Minni and she pushes him off the roof, killing Andres.

EZ speaks with Angel in the clubhouse explaining the conversation he overheard between Bishop, Hank, and Chucky thinking that Coco is the rat and knows Adelita.

Meanwhile, Coco and Leti burn the truck of the driver she killed. Felipe covers a sleeping Kevin on his couch.

The biggest reveal at the end of the episode occurs after EZ is writing in a journal as the stray cat rubs against his leg. He puts the notepad in a lock box and hides it away inside the RV at the Scrap and Salvage yard.

EZ locks up the gate to the salvage yard and walks down the street as a stranger leaning on a motorcycle comments on a lovely night. It is revealed that the man is Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon), District Attorney from Season 4 of Sons of Anarchy and the one pulling the strings behind EZ’s informant deal.

Mayans M.C. airs Tuesdays on FX, with FX+ subscribers accessing each new episode hours early prior to the cable premiere.

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