Megyn Kelly Signs With SiriusXM for Daily Show

The former Fox News and NBC host has been hosting a podcast for nine months

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Megyn Kelly announced Tuesday she’s heading to SiriusXM to do a two-hour radio show every day.

The former Fox News and NBC host retweeted a Hollywood Reporter article on the move by way of confirmation. She wrote, “Happy to announce our show (already one of the top podcasts in the USA after 9 mos) is expanding its reach – partnering w/SiriusXM (a great team!) in a live, 2-hour show, going 5 days/wk & adding video too. Starts in September. Thank you to our listeners!”

According to the report, “The Megyn Kelly Show” will run on channel 111. Red Seat Ventures, which distributed the original podcast, will handle production of the program, which will offer videos to subscribers. Subscribers to the podcast will have access to episodes on a delay. A representative for SiriusXM did not immediately return a request for further comment.

Kelly’s podcast is young, but has generated plenty of headlines. Just last week, she said during an episode that teaching children critical race theory is like “abuse.”

The podcast came after months of silence from Kelly, who hastily exited NBC a little over a year after joining from Fox News.

NBC’s “Megyn Kelly Today” was canceled in 2018, days after she suggested on air that wearing blackface might not be racist in certain instances, like on Halloween.

“What is racist?” she asked. “You get in trouble if you’re a white person who puts on blackface on Halloween or a black person who puts on whiteface for Halloween. When I was a kid that was OK as long as you were dressing up as a character.”

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