Michael Strahan still has his iconic tooth gap in April Fools' joke and insists signature smile 'isn't going anywhere'

MICHAEL Strahan still has his iconic tooth gap following an April Fools' joke.

The 49-year-old insisted his signature smile "isn't going anywhere."

Earlier this week, the Good Morning America host tricked fans into thinking he closed the gap in his teeth.

The former athlete revealed that the announcement was a prank in a new Instagram video, which he posted on Thursday.

The clip began with Michael covering the bottom portion of his face with a face mask.

After saying hello to his fans, he addressed the reactions he received from closing the gap in his teeth.

Michael said: "I know a lot of you are wondering, 'Oh, it's gotta be an April Fools' joke. He's gotta be joking with the teeth.'"

After thanking the dentist that appeared in the original clip and his fans for their kind comments, the GMA admitted he "didn't know so many people cared" about his "signature" gap.

He continued: "I appreciate all of the love for the gap and, you know, I've had it for almost 50 years now and a lot of people out there would say, 'You make me feel good about rocking mine' and everything else.

"I know it's a shocker to see it gone, but I just wanted to tell you guys that I appreciate all that love that you show."

Michael then encouraged his fans to be true to themselves as he said: "Be you. Live the way you want to live. Do what makes you happy because I did and I'm happy that I did."

He then pulled down his mask as he revealed that his gap is still present, stating: "I just wanted to say April Fools!"

Michael added: "The gap is here to stay for a little while. Not going anywhere anytime soon, so April Fools everybody!"

After stating he had a "good time" with the prank, Michael admitted he feels "really bad about actually not closing it after everything that I saw."

Earlier this week, the father-of-four tricked fans into believing he closed his gap when he posted a video documenting the dental procedure.

The clip began with Michael telling his dentist that he had many influences telling him not to fix his gap before adding: "But I gotta do what I want to do for myself."

After he told his dentist that he's "the best," the GMA host told the camera that the moment was "50 years in the making."

The short clip documented the procedure, while it then caught Michael happily laughing as he held up a mirror and looked at his new smile for the first time.

He announced that he "loved it" before his flashed a huge smile to the camera.

A number of fans expressed their disappointment in Michael's decision to close his gap, as some asked him to "change it back!"

Michael played in the NFL from 1993 until 2008.

He went on host co-host Live! with Kelly and Michael with Kelly Ripa from 2012-2016, while he's been serving as a regular contributor on GMA since 2016.

The retired football player has four children: Tanita, 29, Michael Jr., 26, and 16-year-old twins Isabella and Sophia.

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