Miranda Richardson says demonic Good Omens costume was ‘torture’

Miranda Richardson has admitted that slipping into heels to film Good Omens was "torture" after giving her feet a break during COVID lockdown.

The BAFTA winner, 65, returns for series two of the Prime Video drama as new character Shax, a sharply-dressed demon who replaces Crowley ( David Tennant ) as Hell's Representative on Earth.

However, the new costume makes for a change after playing medium Madame Tracy in the first series.

"The point shoulder pads were like my very own social distancing tool but wearing heels after living in trainers for lockdown was torture," she said.

On playing a brand new character in series two, Miranda said that she spoke with creator Neil Gaiman to bring Shax to life.

"Her look and characteristics with influences from Powell and Pressburger – in her 40s and 50s fashions and arch clipped dialogue," she said.

"She is new to earth and really doesn’t blend in very well – despite her best efforts."

Despite the pain of the shoes, Miranda said that she "won the lottery of costumes on the show".

"Shax clearly gets bored easily – she changes her look so often but sticks to her colour theme of a nasty blood red vibe with very pointy shoulders which are amazing.

"My final showdown costume had such big shoulders that I couldn’t get out of the lift which transported me from hell to Soho via that glorious pub," she added. "I think Shax doesn’t want to touch anyone so my shoulders provide her very own social distancing programme.”

Good Omens returns after a four-year hiatus with David Tennant and Michael Sheen reprising their roles as demon Crowley and angel Aziraphale respectively.

The unlikely couple are back to running their bookshop in Soho – however, they're taken by surprise when their old boss Gabriel ( Jon Hamm ) turns up at their door stark naked.

Speaking about his season two entrance, Jon Hamm revealed that he found it hilarious.

"It was certainly a striking entrance but it was funny," he said. "Honestly this was such a great place to start for the new story of Gabriel and how he has changed this season."

Miranda Richardson is best known for her roles in Damage, Fatherland, Blackadder, Chicken Run, The Hours and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, in which she played Rita Skeeter.

She'll be appearing in Good Omens alongside its star-studded cast, featuring Nina Sosanya, Derek Jacobi, Doon Mackichan and other British talent.

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