Mum with ‘£20 in bank’ says step-sister on benefits enjoyed holiday to Benidorm

Caller details her struggles during cost of living crisis

A struggling mum who claims she has just “£20 in the bank” said her step-sister, who is on benefits, has just enjoyed a holiday sunning herself in Benidorm.

The woman, called Stacey, who dialled into Jeremy Kyle’s TalkTV show on Friday morning said she “doesn’t go anywhere” and had to scrape back her outgoings due to the cost of living crisis, including cancelling her Netflix subscription.

The 38-year-old, from the East End of London, admitted she has “no luxuries” and has “come from nothing” and worked since being a teenager, but claimed her step-sister has “fleeced the system” and has “the nicest iPads and shoes.”

The segment invited callers on the show to discuss the news on Thursday that the Bank of England hiked the base rate from 4.5 percent to five percent.

Rates are now at a 15-year high in an attempt to tackle high inflation and the cost of living crisis. The last time the base rate was five percent or higher was in 2008.

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Speaking to the TV personality, the struggling mum said: “I’m a single-parent family and I have worked since I was 14. I have worked my way up in my current job to earn a decent wage for the industry that I am in.

“Because of the rise of the cost of living, I stripped back. I lived on the breadline, that’s where I came from so I have tried to better myself and provide a better life for my kids.

“We stripped back, we don’t have Netflix, we don’t have all of these fandangled things. We did, prior to the cost of living crisis but then I had to be brutal and say no.”

“Things got so bad, I had to approach my employer and say please can I have a further part-time job. At the moment I am currently working 16 hours just to keep my head above water.

“Believe me when I say, we have nothing special whatsoever. My house is small, we don’t go anywhere, we literally just live.”

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The mum admitted that as of June 23, she had “£20 in my bank account” to last until she is paid on June 28 but questioned how her step-sister was able to afford a week-long holiday soaking up the sun in the Spanish city.

Adding she was a “born and raised worker” she claimed her step-sister had “obviously fleeced the benefits system.”

She added: “My step-sister, who’s currently receiving benefits, has just come back from a week’s holiday in Benidorm. They have the nicest iPads, the nicest shoes, they’re getting handouts from anywhere.

“There is no help or advice for anyone who is just an average Joe, pays their bills, isn’t blacklisted and goes out and earns a wage.”

Responding, host Jeremy heaped praise on the mum, and said: “You, Stacey in London, know it’s hard, you’re doing the best for your kids, you have no luxuries, you fight, scrimp and save to pay your bills and nothing more.

“You’re not on benefits, universal credit or expecting anyone else to wipe your backside. This country is indebted to people like you.”

He went on to say there are “many people” who don’t have to work because the “benefits system has made it easier for them not to have to work.

“When I left school, you either went to college or university, or went to work. Nowadays there are three, college, work or on the dole. It was never meant to be a career choice.”

Jeremy said caller Stacey was “mother of the year by a mile” and the “best call we’ve had on this station in forever.”

The Bank’s base rate has gone from 4.5 percent to five percent in the 13th consecutive rise. Halving inflation is also a major pledge of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

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