My 600lb Life fans gobsmacked at Patrick’s $100 fast food order

My 600lb Life viewers gobsmacked at show star Patrick

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TLC viewers couldn’t believe their eyes after My 600lb Life star Patrick Macon was seen making an almost three-figure food order at Popeyes during Wednesday’s instalment. He weighed more than 650lbs at the beginning of the show and Dr Younan Nowzaradan said he was “gaining weight”.

Fans didn’t know what to think after Patrick admitted his weight was “killing” him as he detailed “dreading every day”.

The 42-year-old from Columbus, Georgia was filmed in the opening scenes eating mountains of food, while ignoring advice from doctors.

Dr Nowzaradan gave Patrick a strict diet to follow, but he appeared to ignore it while gaining more weight over a period of six months.

Medical experts warned him he was putting “a lot of strain” on his body.

“When I wake up and see daylight I’m surprised to still be alive because my weight is killing me,” Patrick admitted in his confessional.

“Every day I dread it. I’m in pain. My body’s giving up on me and I hate it.”

Dr Now told him: “There’s a lot of strain on your body with your weight and your condition.”

Speaking after he ignored the doctor’s diet, he added: “You almost gained 30lbs. So, what happened?”

Another scene shows the moment Patrick spent an eye-watering sum on a fast-food takeaway from Popeyes.

Taking to social media as the moments played out, viewers expressed their concern for the reality TV star all over Twitter.

User @RandyHeyyyy said: “97 f******g dollars at Popeyes??? HOWWWWWWWW?????”

Sharing a joke image, @jswtreeman said: “The employee at the Popeyes drive thru after Patrick dropped $100 on chicken sandwiches and popcorn shrimp.”

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Sharing more funny gifs, @thotpocket8 said: “The Popeyes drive thru worker taking Patrick’s order.”

While @ AshUnapologetic wrote: “The Popeyes employee after that order…”

Account @SalsaGuyNy added: “Good lard, I mean lord.”

@kdeyerme said: “So they both don’t work but they can afford $100 worth of fast food… the math is once again not mathing.”

It was later in the show that Patrick promised Dr Nowzaradan that he would get back on the diet, but admitted he was “tired of dealing with it”.

The doctor firmly replied: “You keep showing me that you’re not serious about saving your life, Patrick.

“In six months you should’ve been able to lose a whole lot more.

“And you have a lot of health issues, we need to check your heart. Your body is close to giving up. Do you understand that?”

My 600lb Life continues Wednesdays on TLC in the USA.

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