New PBS Show ‘Conscious Living’ Brings Sustainable Approach To Travel

As every comedian knows, the secret to comedy is timing. But the secret to timing in television travel shows is a little more elusive, and in the case of the PBS show Conscious Living, the timing of its fourth season seems odd, given the remaining restrictions of the pandemic that have made travel more challenging than ever.

Conscious Living bills itself as a green and mindfulness-based travel show debuting on PBS in June. Think Anthony Boudain’s Parts Unknown with an emphasis on keeping it green. The show is a family affair, featuring husband-and-wife team Bianca Alexander (a production lawyer for The Kelly Clarkson Show in her day gig) and Michael Alexander, a holistic entrepreneur, vegan chef, and filmmaker.

Together, they were eager to be the change and harness the power of storytelling to help create a more just and sustainable world. Hence, they created an Amazon Prime streaming show that is now moving to PBS for its fourth season.

The show is a lifestyle series that travels the globe on a hunt for what it takes to be a more mindful human – from yoga and wellness adventures to vegan street food, sustainable eco-fashion and design, and spiritual transformation.

The couple tries hard to avoid being the type of people who preach one thing while traveling the world and burning carbon.

“The past year in quarantine has forced many of us to think more consciously about the impact everyday choices have on our health, humanity and the sustainability of the planet,” said Bianca. “While how we travel is important – we offset our carbon, drive an electric car, travel via train, subway, bike and foot wherever possible, and follow a plant-based diet – we’re far from perfect. The show documents our journey of discovery celebrating progress, not perfection. As the pandemic has taught us, every choice can make a difference in our collective well-being.”

 “We believe in progress, not perfection – every choice does make a difference,” added Michael.

The PBS premiere episode takes place in Germany, where the duo takes a walk on the mindful side of one of the most eclectic cities in Europe: Berlin. From live music in historic Tiergarten Park just steps from the Brandenburg Gate, to back-alley vegan street eats, Berlin’s complex history is showcase with a new spin showcasting sustainability.

Future episodes include a visit to the wellness paradise of Bali; spiritual seeking in Rishikesh, India, Charlottesville, Virginia, Sedona and New York City; a vegan Mexican fiesta and yoga surfing trip in Maui; glamping in upstate New York; and sustainable art exhibits from Japan and Italy to Chicago’s South Side, among other topics.

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