Nicole Kidman's husband Keith Urban writes hour-long song to help people sleep for Calm relaxation app

NICOLE Kidman's country music star hubby Keith Urban, knows it's been a tough year and wants to help people chill out.

The multiple Grammy award winner, 53, has written an hour-long song which will put listeners to sleep and help calm their nerves.

Keith teamed up with mental wellness brand Calm to write the song I Am Home which features "dreamy, ethereal vocals and winding guitar to drift users into rest". 

The dad-of-two said he was inspired to help others get a good night’s sleep after her learnt to prioritise sleep and loved using meditative music to help him get those precious 40 winks. 

“The process of creating this song was different from anything I’ve done before,” he said.

“Without having to focus on guitar riffs, a hit chorus, or a three-minute time frame, I approached the song from a vibratory place – the key and tempo, speed of the chord changes – I just went with what I felt flowed and what I would want if I wanted to bring my energy down.”

Keith is just one of many famous faces to team up with Calm to help people reduce stress and get better sleep.

He joins the likes of Harry Styles, LeBron James, Laura Dern, Matthew McConaughey and Kelly Rowland.

Keith would probably have like to have his new song on hand recently at the opera when he got into a verbal stoush after a man allegedly swiped Nicole with his programme.

Nicole, 53, was enjoying one of her first nights out after completing mandatory quarantine in Australia with her country singer husband, Keith, 53, and her mum, Janelle last week in Sydney.

The trio decided to take in the critically acclaimed Opera Australia production of Merry Widow at Sydney's world famous Opera House.

They clearly loved the performance because at its finale Keith jumped to his feet for a standing ovation and was soon joined by Nicole.

Many in the crowd also jumped to their feet, except for one man sitting behind the famous couple.

He apparently got annoyed with the couple's enthusiasm and ordered them to sit back down, according to Sydney Morning Herald's Sydney Private column.

When Keith refused because he wanted to celebrate the performers, the grumpy opera fan then swatted Nicole with his program.

Keith accused him of assaulting Nicole and called over their bodyguards to take Nicole and her mum out of the venue.

Opera House security soon intervened and the police summoned, after Nicole looked shaken.

Nicole and Keith remained at the venue and gracefully agreed to greet the performers backstage after the performance.

The Sun reached out to Nicole and Keith's representatives for comment, but did not receive a response.

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