Nolly welcomes A-list cast alongside Helena Bonham Carter

Nolly: Helena Bonham Carter stars in first look from ITV

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Nolly airs on ITVX from February 2 and the series tells the story of the English actress and TV presenter’s late career. Noele Gordon played Meg Mortimer in Crossroads from 1964 until 1981 when she was suddenly let go from the long-running soap. has all you need to know about who is in the cast.

Noele Gordon – Helena Bonham Carter

Noele Gordon was the first woman to be seen on colour television sets.

She started off her career in theatre before starting work as a presenter and producer for ATV Midlands.

The role of Meg in Crossroads was made with Nolly in mind, which is why she was so surprised when she was sacked in 1981.

Noele is played by Helena Bonham Carter, the 56-year-old star of The Crown and Harry Potter.

Speaking about whether she was familiar with the actress, she said: “I was very familiar with Crossroads given my age, I’m 56, but I don’t think we actually watched it regularly.

“It was just like a permanent wallpaper on in the background as I was growing up. So, I was aware of it, but I wasn’t a follower of the series.

“I didn’t remember Noele other than a dim memory of a redheaded woman who owned the motel. Although I didn’t know exactly what a motel was.”

Michael Summerton – Max Brown

Michael Summerton was an actor and talent agent who began his career as one of the original Dalek operators in Doctor Who.

In 1970 he started his own talent agency, recruiting Noele Gordon when it first started up.

He is played by Max Brown, a 41-year-old British actor known for playing Danny Hartston in Grange Hill.

He played Mark Russell in the Crossroads series when it aired in the early 2000s.

Jane Rossington – Antonia Bernath

Jane Rossington is a 79-year-old actress who played Jill Richardson in the original Crossroads soap.

In the series, the actress is played by Antonia Bernath, a 38-year-old actor and singer.

She began her acting career in the CBS series Elvis and went on to star in the ITV2 drama Trinity.

Poppy Ngomo – Bethany Antonia

Poppy was not an original actor in Crossroads but she was made specifically for the series.

Bethany Antonia played the role and she is a 25-year-old actress from Birmingham.

She started her career in Doctors before going on to star in Get Even, Stay Close and House of the Dragon.

Larry Grayson – Mark Gatiss

Larry Grayson was an English comedian and TV presenter who was a good and loyal friend of Nolly’s.

He hosted The Generation Game in the 70s and 80s and he was known and loved for his camp stand-up acts.

In the series, he is played by Mark Gatiss, a 56-year-old actor, comedian and director known for Doctor Who, Sherlock, Game of Thrones and Dracula.

The star said of Larry: “I loved him when I was younger, particularly from The Generation Game, and it was a real privilege to do this role because I fell in love with him all over again.

“I watched a documentary about him about four years ago, and I’d forgotten how funny he was. Then he turned out to be Noele Gordon’s best friend.”

Fiona Fullerton – Emily Butcher

Fiona Fullerton is a 66-year-old actress and singer who played Alice in the 1972 film Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Emily Butcher plays the actress in the series and she is making her TV debut on the show.

Tony Adams – Augustus Prew

Tony Adams is an 82-year-old Welsh actor who played Dr Neville Bywaters in the 1970s soap, General Hospital.

In November 1978 he moved on to Crossroads, as accountant Adam Chance, and he was best friends with Nolly.

He is played by Augustus Prew, a 35-year-old film and TV actor known for About A Boy and Charlie St Cloud.

He said of Tony’s relationship with Nolly: “I think that in terms of Noele Gordon’s story, Tony is so important. He was her rock.

“He was her best friend. They were a platonic couple, and on the set of Crossroads they were kind of the power couple.

“They were the ones who ran the show. I think that’s quite progressive at that time in the early 80s, to have this younger man and an older woman love each other that much.”

Ronnie Allen – Richard Lintern

Ronnie Allen was an English actor who was best known for playing David Hunter in Crossroads.

He died in June 1991, aged 60, and in the series he is played by Richard Lintern.

Richard is a 60-year-old stage and screen actor best known for his West End roles.

He has also starred in Midsomer Murders, The Bill, Heartbeat and Agatha Christie’s Poirot.

Susan Hanson – Chloe Harris

Susan Hanson is a 79-year-old actress who played Diane Lawton in the original Crossroads.

In the new series she is played by Chloe Harris, who has previously starred in Sherwood, The Ipcress File and The Spanish Princess.

Viewers may also recognise her from The Trial of Christine Keeler and Wanderlust.


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Sue Lloyd – Clare Foster

Sue Lloyd was an English model and actress who played Barbara Hunter in Crossroads.

She died in October 2011, aged 72, and in the series she is played by Clare Foster.

Clare is a 42-year-old British actress known for her role as PC Millie Brown in The Bill.

Her other credits include Galavant, Dark Heart, The Ex-Wife and The Crown.

Paul Henry – Lloyd Griffith

Paul Henry is best known for his role as Benny Hawkins in Crossroads.

In the Nolly series he is played by Lloyd Griffith, a comedian, actor and presenter.

He originally trained as a classical singer before becoming a comedian in 2010.

He had a small recurring role in the NBC comedy Ted Lasso and his other credits include Not Going Out and It’s a Sin.

Jack Barton – Con O’Neill

Jack Barton is played by Con O’Neill, a 56-year-old actor known for his roles in musicals.

His TV credits include Criminal Justice, Our Flag Means Death, Uncle and Chernobyl.

Charles Denton – Tim Wallers

Charles Denton is a TV producer who became controller of programming at ATV.

In 1981, he sacked Noele Gordon which antagonised viewers, who sent him excrement through the post.

In the series, he is played by Tim Wallers, known for his roles in This England, The Windsors and Doctors.

Nolly airs on ITVX on February 2

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