‘Oh my god!’ Amanda Holden screams and jumps out of seat during creepy BGT maggot act

BGT: Scary witch act makes Amanda and Alesha run from seats

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Britain’s Got Talent made a return on Saturday night and ITV viewers got to watch another round of auditions. Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams were also back to judge the performances, while Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly hosted the show from the side of the stage. However, during one performance, poor Amanda and Alesha got so spooked out that they jumped out of their seats.

Before the performance had even begun, Amanda screamed as the stage was plunged into darkness.

A man dressed as a witch appeared on stage holding an apple.

He went on to ask the judges whether they wanted to choose good or evil before he presented them with an apple each.

“There are two pathways for you, David,” the witch began. “Which do you choose?”

“Take an apple, take a bite…” he continued before David replied: “It’s nice.”

He went on to ask Alesha to take an apple, before telling Simon: “There’s something I’ve got to tell you, but it can wait.”

“Amanda, stand up,” the witch asked the spooked singer, as the judge replied: “Why is it always me?”

“Your destiny will be chosen by another…between the dark and the light.”

He then placed an apple in each of Amanda’s hands and asked Simon to pick the left or right hand.

As Amanda took a bite of the apple in her right hand, the witch said: “Amanda, you know why they say beauty is only skin-deep…because we are all rotten to the core.”

Amanda began to scream as the witch crushed the apple, only for maggots and cockroaches to fall out of it.

The judge leapt out of her seat as she shrieked: “Oh my god!”

“That is disgusting,” Alesha could be heard saying before the witch walked back onto the stage and disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

The baffled judges sat back down and Simon commented: “Ok, well that was horrific and the witch was turned into a cockroach.”

“I was scared to death,” Amanda admitted. “I would quite like to see what else would happen in the future.”

“I thought the act was brilliant,” Alesha praised as David added: “It was stunning.”

Viewers also loved the witch’s performance with many branding it the “best act” of the night.

Roddie penned: “The witch was the best act #BGT.”

“@BGT the show was brilliant love it #BGT love the witch act,” Tom Green praised.

Mat added: “The witch was probably one of the simplest and best scary acts they’ve done production on BGT.” (sic)

Britain’s Got Talent returns on Saturday at 8pm on ITV.

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