Penny Lancaster ‘threw plates at Rod’ in ‘worst moment’ of menopause battle ‘I snapped!’

Penny Lancaster recalls throwing Rod's dinner plate

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Penny Lancaster joined The News Desk with Tom Newton Dunn on Tuesday’s Talk TV to discuss the HRT shortage women are facing. Rod Stewart’s wife revealed she suffered from mood swings so badly she threw dinner plates across the floor at her husband before falling to the floor and “crying [her] eyes out”.

Tom asked: “I understand you had very powerful mood swings [and] at one point you threw Rod’s dinner across the room at him.”

“Yes,” Penny replied. “That was probably my worst moment that was one of those you know, ‘We’ve got to get your mum to the doctor. Something’s not right.’

“Because I’m very easygoing, laid back. I take everything with my stride and want everyone around me to kind of be happy. 

“Like a lot of mums we kind of balance everything around us and everyone’s thoughts and feelings come first before our own.”

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“And this particular time, the kids weren’t coming down for their dinner and when they did finally come into the room, they were arguing, and I just snapped. 

“It was just completely out of the blue, out of character and I screamed and threw the plates across the floor.

“The dogs couldn’t eat that evening at dinner because the plates were all cracked and smashed. 

“I mean it was hideous and I just crumbled to the floor crying my eyes out and ran out into the garden and called one of my best girl friends that I knew was struggling with similar symptoms.”

Penny revealed she initially thought her menopausal symptoms were Covid.

She explained: “I thought it was heat exhaustion because we were in Florida at that time and then I thought it must be the virus because the main symptoms with the virus or Covid was a high temperature.

“But then I shortly realised that it didn’t really match with the symptoms because I didn’t have a continuous cough and the temperature would fluctuate. 

“So the worst part for me was it was at night and it wasn’t just feeling hot. It was as if the bed was on fire. And it woke me in a puddle of sweat literally.”

The Loose Women panellist spoke to Tom following the Government’s announcement that HRT is to be rationed.

Women will only be prescribed up to three months of the drug at a time. 

Penny told the Talk TV host why she thinks HRT should be free.

She said: “The demand for HRT is because of the confidence women now have, after a lot of campaigning after the last two or three years, we’re not sort of shying away from it. We’re not embarrassed to talk about it. We’re brave enough to go to doctors and demand HRT.”

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