Piers Morgan confesses to being 'Covidiot' for not wearing a mask in a cab

Piers Morgan has admitted to briefly breaking coronavirus guidelines after getting into a cab without a mask on. 

The Good Morning Britain presenter said that a ‘few seconds of forgetfulness’ meant he found himself coming under fire for breaching social distancing rules.

After photos of the star surfaced without him wearing a mask, Piers – who slammed Rita Ora and Kay Burley this week for breaching protocol for parties this week – has now spoken out on Twitter to said that he was ‘guilty as charged’. 

He explained: ‘I put my mask on seconds after this pic was taken, as the cab moved off.. I should have done it before I got in but ironically, I was chatting to the paparazzi & I forgot.

‘It was outside in the street. Ironically, the paparazzi were telling me they’ve been having a tough time financially during the pandemic. 

‘Looks I’ve been able to help them out today with my few seconds of forgetfulness. So, every cloud etc.’

Responding to a follower, he later added: ‘I did breach covid rules for a few seconds by forgetting to put my mask on before I got in the cab. 

‘Fortunately, I remembered as we pulled away & put it on. Masks help save lives, so it’s very important we all remember to wear them when we should.’ 

‘I haven’t made an excuse, I just explained what happened. I’m guilty as charged,’ he later added to another. 

‘For a few seconds, I was a Covidiot & I deserve the full wrath of Twitter hell to now descend on me.’ 

Piers’s confession comes after he convinced politician Matt Hancock to appear on Good Morning Britain to be injected with the coronavirus vaccine alongside him live on air. 

He’s been praised throughout 2020 for his stern stance on the fight against coronavirus – with Susanna Reid saying his consistent spats with MPs over the government’s policies were making the public ‘see him differently’. 

Speaking on Loose Women, she said: ‘Previously he was annoying, and antagonistic, and controversial, and a massive wind-up.

‘Now he’s all of those things still, but also holding the government’s feet to the fire. 

‘When we have the ministers on, he is holding them to account in a way that a lot of people think other outlets aren’t doing.

‘He’s still annoying but he’s annoying and doing a really good job.’

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.

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