Piers Morgan leaves Shaun Ryder shocked as he claims Diana Ross ‘sounded like a bunch of drowning cats’ at Glastonbury | The Sun

PIERS Morgan has left Shaun Ryder in shock after claiming Diana Ross "sounded like a bunch of drowning cats" at Glastonbury.

The TV presenter sat down with the Happy Mondays star on Monday to discuss the artists at the festival over the weekend.

Piers, 57, dished out his opinion on performers including Sir Paul McCartney and Diana Ross after heading to the festival.

The telly host chatted to music icon Shaun, 59, via video link during his Uncensored show as he gushed about Macca.

However, he left Shaun in shock when he scathingly slammed Diana, 78, for "sounding like a bunch of drowning cats".

Shaun hit back insisting the Motown legend "can sing" and that he would "not start slagging her off" on TV.


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"I thought Sir Paul McCartney was magnificent," Piers began. "I thought that was one of the best Glastonbury shows I've ever seen.

"He was judicious in the choice of songs he picked to sing – as he understands the limitations of his voice. He got away with it.

"However, Diana Ross, I'm really sorry – but she sounded like a bunch of drowning cats. What were you listening to?"

Shaun hit back: "Well, I'm not going to start slagging Diana off am I? At the end of the day, she's got to go on there to do a live show.

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"There's a limited soundcheck and all good on her – at the end of the day Diana can sing, I mean, she can. It's really tough going out and doing a show at Glastonbury."

Shaun stressed that there was often not enough time for the "best soundcheck" before artists headed on stage at the festival.

"Let me ask you, Diana was the final act to perform for the Queen at the Platinum Jubilee and she sounded fantastic," Piers hit back.

"But it was obviously because she was auto-tuned and they helped her, so why couldn't they do that at Glastonbury?"

Shaking his head, Shaun explained: "There's no time to do that, Piers, there really isn't. I don't know how many acts are on before her or after but they really haven't got the time to."

Fans of the show appeared to agree with Shaun, and took to Twitter to tell Piers to give the Motown singer "a break".

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"She's 78, cut her some slack ffs, the 200,000 fans who were there seemed to enjoy it," one wrote.

A second chimed in: "I thought Shaun Ryder was very defensive of Diana Ross and quite rightly. Well done Shaun!"

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