Piers Morgan rages at animal rights campaigner who wants to abolish guide dogs

Piers Morgan was livid when animal rights campaigner, Wendy Turner Webster, said she felt guide dogs should give their "consent" before becoming working dogs.

The Good Morning Britain presenter could not hold back his rage as Wendy said she felt that there were "welfare" issues within guide dogs.

She believes a quarter of them do not become guide dogs and are therefore sent into the rehoming system, and those which are retired are left with nowhere to go as their owners can not look after them.

But Piers picked apart her argument, and started to focus in on her own "consent" discussion.

He said: "Have you tried to train your dog?"

Wendy said she has, but only to sit as it is "for her safety."

Piers looked dismissive and said: "But did you get your dog’s consent to sit? To obey your human orders?

"Do you ride horses? Did you get your horses consent to have you charging along on top of it without its consent?"

Wendy looked flustered as she said she is responsible with her animals, so it is a different situation.

Piers was shocked at her reply, saying: "So because you’re responsible, it’s fine to not get consent?"

She told him he was "mixing up the issue," to which he replied: "You said it’s about consent?

"You decided, you, Wendy, know better about the animal. Because you’re a saintly figure, when it comes to your animal ownership, we should all relax?"

Susanna Reid did not like her arguments either, along with Nigel Reed, who did not buy her belief that "technology" should be brought in to replace guide dogs, along with other animals such as sniffer and police dogs.

He said: "Technology would be great if it was there, but it’s not there, so guide dogs are the best thing.

"What is the alternative, and if there is an alternative, then fantastic, but it’s a cost thing."

Throughout the discussion, Wendy said she didn’t think turning dogs into guide dogs was "cruel," but felt the breeding particularly for the purpose leavs many dogs in the rehoming which she felt was leaving the system "bursting at the seams."

But Piers said he was "losing the plot" with her arguments, before he launched into his tyrade.

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