President Donald Trump’s Alleged Muse On ‘Superman’ Stunt Has Twitter Leaping Tall Buildings

Look, up there in the sky – it’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s President Donald Trump?

The New York Times reported Saturday that President Trump floated the idea of a stunt when he left Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after treatment for COVID-19. The plan called for Trump to appear frail when people first saw him. Then he would open his button-down dress shirt and reveal a Superman t-shirt.

Ultimately, he did not go ahead with the stunt.

At his brief White House appearance on Saturday, Trump saw several teal blue shirts among the attendees. “I want to put one of them on instead of a white shirt.”

Naturally, the Superman revelation brought out the Twitterati for some kryptonite comments. But one supporter who played the Man of Steel thought it was a good idea.

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