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JENNIFER LOPEZ gets down and dirty playing a stripper in new movie Hustlers.

The crime flick, in cinemas now, sees the actress, and co-stars including US rapper Cardi B, scam money from city fat cats who visit their club.

J-Lo’s performance is so good she is tipped to bag an Oscar nomination. However, she isn’t the first Hollywood A-lister to slide down a greasy pole or learn an X-rated routine.

The Sun has asked dancer Shannon Cristal Almonte, from London gentleman’s club Platinum Lace Leicester Square, to rate the hottest stripper scenes in cinema history – by men and women – and give them marks out of five.

Demi Moore

Striptease (1996)

This one was awesome and incredible to watch. It was very masculine at the beginning when she came out with a guy’s outfit on but it evolved into something very sexy and very raw. She’s a goddess.

Demi’s got quite an athletic build which I can relate to, it’s more abs and muscles than bigger features, so when I watch that one I think ‘hopefully that’s what I look like when I’m dancing’. All that was missing was a few tricks on the pole, then it would have been the perfect routine.

  • RATING: 4/5


Hustlers (2019)

Jennifer looks amazing and I’m so impressed with her physique and moves. Her routine is incredibly hot and her body is to die for.

I’m so proud that our job is being recognised to this level. J-Lo is a big name – it’s almost like an honour and it’s great the movie shows the camaraderie, that sisterhood, that we have within this industry.

  • RATING: 5/5

Jennifer Aniston

We're The Millers (2013)

She used her stripping talent to save her fake family in the movie. Her routine was simple and natural – perfect right down to the lingerie she was wearing.

  • RATING: 5/5

Lindsay Lohan

I know Who Killed Me (2007)

That one scared me – there was a dark story behind that one. But I am grateful for it as if shows the dark side to this industry, you can get roped into some very nasty things and hopefully it was to show awareness to some of things that happen.

But I was scared – I was not turned on by it. There wasn’t much to it. She was sliding down the pole a bit and there’s blood everywhere. It’s quite gory – she definitely needs a doctor – and a hug for sure.

  • RATING: 1/5

Jessica Biel

Powder Blue (2009)

If you’re into a little pain and pleasure, this was sexy – and it gave me a few ideas. You can tell she worked hard on her routine, as she looked like a pro. She was hot.

  • RATING: 5/5

Salma Hayek

From Dusk Till Dawk (1996)

I questioned everything I knew about sexuality after watching this performance. Salma was so hot, when she puts her toe in the guy’s mouth when the tequila runs down – I kind of wanted to be the one sucking her toe.

She wasn’t doing anything crazy, she was just holding this snake, moving a little bit but she’s just so sensual she just oozes it. And her body, wow. She was so sexy.

  • RATING: 5/5

Pamela Anderson

Barb Wire (1996)

There was a lot going on in the scene with latex, water and a swing. But she was not really doing anything. She didn’t even use a pole. But it was entertaining.

  • RATING: 3/5

Matthew McConaughey

Magic Mike (2012)

Matthew is really hot, I could definitely be one of the women in that show and be like ‘yes, please pick me, grind on me, do all sorts of inappropriate things to me – I’d be fine with it’.

He’s very entertaining, with that southern charm going on. The fact he was an older man didn’t bother me, but if I’m going to see a guy dance you’ve got to be shaking those hips, gotta be showing me that booty, you’ve gotta be doing more than just a little bit of strutting.

  • RATING: 2/5

Robert Carlyle

The Full Monty (1997)

His technique and routine were really good. For people who looked like they hadn’t done it before, the guys kept with the choreography really well.

  • RATING: 4/5

Channing Tatum

Magic Mike (2012)

It’s entertaining, it’s explosive, it’s powerful, it’s emotional, it’s athletic and so, so, sexy. You can see that he had a background in dance. If I could go higher than five marks I would.

  • RATING: 5/5

Rose McGowan

Planet Terror (2007)

There were a lot of hair flips. It was entertaining but I wanted to see more tricks. As a dancer, when I see a pole I want someone to work it. I liked her outfit more than her routine.

  • RATING: 2/5

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