Re-live Big Brother's Cameron being terrorised… by a butterfly

There are moments where Big Brother either shocks viewers or inspires them, and then there are moments of pure silliness that we’re so lucky were caught on camera. Cameron has given us one of the latter, and we’re thankful!

After the emotional upheaval of coming out to his fellow housemates, we’ve seen the 18-year-old blogger start to show a more relaxed side to himself in recent days — although maybe he’s been letting his guard down a bit too much!

Cameron was just chilling in the garden with the other housemates when in a scene straight out of The Island with Bear Grylls— he was viciously attacked by one of the most dangerous creatures known to man… a butterfly! Shock, horror!

“Give it off, please! Get it off,” he pleaded to Zoe as the butterfly landed on his jacket. “Zoe, get it off please!”

When Zoe reached down to remove the butterfly, Cameron assumed the butterfly was going in for the kill and reacted with some ninja-like rolling to free himself from its grip.

Just when he thought he’d freed himself, the dastardly butterfly struck again! Finally, Cameron was able to escape its wrath and wasn’t pleased with his housemates laughing: “F**k, that’s scary!”

Viewers found his insect showdown just as hilarious as Sian and Kenaley did:

If that’s how he responds to a butterfly, let’s just hope Cameron never encounters another chicken or a grizzly bear, now that he knows that the latter are actually real and not some mythical creature like a unicorn…

Big Brother continues on Thursday (October 11) at 10pm on Channel 5, followed by Bit on the Side at 11.05pm.

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