Richard Madeley forced to apologise to Kate Garraway over on-air clash

Richard Madeley apologises to Kate Garraway for interrupting her

Richard Madeley was forced to apologise to Good Morning Britain co-star Kate Garraway after she snapped at him for interrupting her when she was speaking.

The pair were discussing how many people have slammed airline company Ryanair for charging passengers £55 to print their boarding passes for them.

Kate and Richard first discussed the case of an elderly couple who were charged £110 to print their tickets after they had mistakenly printed their return tickets, rather than the outbound ones.

This left viewers of the show to message the show to explain they had experienced the same thing and found it outrageous.

Discussing the incident, Kate read out a statement from Ryanair which explained the reasoning behind charging their customers.

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She read: “A Ryanair spokesman defended the decision and then when it was queried they then upheld it.

“They said ‘As per Ryanairs terms and conditions, these passengers agree to at the time of booking. They failed to check in online for their outbound flight despite being advised so by email the day of travel’.”

Interrupting Kate, Richard asked: “Excuse me, who checks terms and conditions on a flight, who actually does that…I can only think of one instance.”

Kate snapped back and asked: “Can I just finish the sentence?”

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Richard apologised, “Oh sorry, yes…” before Kate continued: “Sorry just so that we are being all fair and impartial. ‘Therefore will correctly charge the airport check-in fee of £55 per passenger’.

“So, somewhere in those terms and conditions of Ryanair’s policies, they will have made that clear.”

Richard interrupting Kate didn’t go unnoticed by viewers as they had realised he had been doing it throughout the show, even with their guests.

Taking to Twitter, @MattG5762 asked: “Why does #GMB bother having guests when Richard just talks all over them?”

@eshmackem commented: “Another Madeley me me me story #gmb.”

@guyrwalker1973 noted: “Someone give Madeley the hook. Constantly interrupting everyone. I think Kate Garraway will let rip soon.”

@covjim said: “It’s like Madeley has gone rogue…he’s got his own agenda and its surfacing this morning..#GMB.”

Karen Sanders expressed: “Not sure Kate was appreciative of Madeley trying to take the reigns as she was speaking… seems frosty in there today.”

However, not all viewers felt Richard was interrupting as Gareth Noble quipped: “People taking Madeley interrupting as rude instead of passionate is beyond me.

“He speaks over people because of the passion… he’s a journalist and wants people to know the truth.” (sic)

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.

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