Rio Ferdinand says he 'loves' wife Kate's pregnant body as they reveal they WON'T show baby's face on social media

RIO Ferdinand said that he "loves" wife Kate's pregnant body as they revealed they WON'T show their baby's face on social media.

The former footballer , 42 and ex Towie star, 29, announced in July that they were expecting their first baby together.

The ex Manchester United star revealed that he admires Kate's changing figure and adores her body during pregnancy.

Kate also said that she has grown to love her new figure and said she has enjoyed dressing her bump and trying new looks.

She told The Mail Online: "When you're in it you worry about everything but from the outside everyone thinks you look really good.

"It's growing to love your changing body. At the beginning, in the first trimester I was a bit nervous about everything but as time has gone on, I am growing to love my changing body so much more."

Rio added: "As do I, as do I!"

The couple also revealed that they will not show their son's face on social media when he is born.

Kate, who is stepmum to husband Rio's three children Lorenz, 13, Tate, 11, and Tia, eight said that she wants her new born to enjoy life without the pressures of social media.

The reality star added: "All of our children will be treated the same – it will be the same as the other three children, his face will be kept private, so he can relax and enjoy life without the pressures of social media."

The mum-to-be recently shared a look back at these life-changing months by sharing series of stylish outfits that she's worn at different stages of her pregnancy.

The Essex beauty admitted that it was "crazy" just how much her body changed.

Kate wrote: "Some of my favourite pregnancy looks 🥰 … so glad I took all of these pictures to look back at, at the time In most of these I didn’t always feel great but looking back at pictures I always feel differently.

"It’s crazy how much our bodies change when we are growing a little human 👶🏼."

The telly star revealed that she has become more confident with her body as her pregnancy progressed and has enjoyed dressing her bump.

She added: "I thought I would absolutely hate getting dressed whilst pregnant but looking back I’ve quite enjoyed dressing my bump and trying new looks. I’ve also realised looking back I like to hold my bump A LOT 🤣."

Kate and husband Rio have revealed they are having a baby boy in September.

The couple had a gender-reveal party at their plush home to reveal the sex of their baby.

Kate announced she was expecting her first baby with the former top footballer in July.

The couple, who tied the knot last year, shared the heartwarming moment they told his children the good news in a video online.

The couple had a gender-reveal party at their plush home to reveal the sex of their baby in September.

Since the announcement, Kate has been honest with fans about how the pregnancy was affecting her both physically and mentally.

She opened up about feeling "terrible guilt" because she's been too sick to look after her stepchildren.

Kate also admitted she felt like she was "losing my mind" navigating her first pregnancy.

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