Robbie Williams made £19.8m in just one year despite quitting big-money The X Factor job

ROBBIE Williams banked £19.8 million in 2019 – despite quitting big bucks job The X Factor.

Updated financial statements in at Companies House reveal how much his firm You’re Not Famous bought in last year, with the former Take That singer making £54,000 a day from his live music shows.

In 2019 he headlined his own Christmas Party at Wembley Arena and one night at the BST festival in Hyde Park.

The statements report Robbie’s firm gets its money "for goods and services net of VAT in relation to the live performances of the artist known as Robbie Williams."

Sales comprised £14.7 million from Europe and the rest of the world, plus £5.1 million from the UK.

After allowing for expenses, it returned a £8.9 million profit for the 46-year-old.

No pay disclosures are made directly in the accounts but Robbie and his co-owner, business, took £13.6 million from the firm in "drawings."

It’s the third year in a row You’re Not Famous has reported massive eight figure sales.

It banked a record £61 million in turnover in 2017, plus £31 million in 2018 taking it to £112 million in sales over three years, including latest earnings.

In 2018, Robbie and wife Ayda Field signed a deal said to be worth £10 million to judge The X Factor.

When asked why he joined the 15th series, after previously turning down a judging role, Robbie joked: “Millions, there are literally millions of reasons to be on this panel for this season.”

His net worth is estimated to be around £155million, thanks to record album sales, tours, property, and various businesses.

But Robbie revealed earlier in 2020 that he is only now, at the age of 46, "giving myself the permission to be that person that has been this successful."

Speaking on Ayda's podcast, Robbie – who grew up in Stoke-on-Trent – was accused of being a penny pincher when his wife revealed he is unhappy when she burns candles.

"I lit the candle then I just went into the bathroom to pee. By the time I'd come back he'd blown out the candle and went, 'You're just burning money. You're not even in the room!'," she shared.

"I'd say that's the difference between Beverly Hills and Stoke-on-Trent."

Robbie also revealed he is not keen on bringing his three children up on LA, admitting he "didn't even know the word 'entitlement' until I got here."

''There are these kids with a sense of entitlement because of the place they were born and the parents they have and having the money that they have," he said.

''I was like, 'I don't want my kids anywhere near these kids'. I'd never seen it in my life before and it literally made me slack jawed.''

You’re Not Famous is one of thirteen firms Robbie uses to manage his music empire.

The other Robbie companies comprise: The IGCC, Farrell Topco, RPW Holdings, Farrell Music, The In Good Company Co,, Little Youth, Intensive Care Management, RPW Productions and Leman Employment – a new firm set-up by him in July.

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