Saira Khan slips into racy red lingerie and boots as she admits she 'finally feels sexy' aged 50 in Halloween snap

SAIRA Khan capped off her 'sexy week' in a Halloween inspired lingerie slip with knee high black boots.

The Loose Women panellist, 50, has been celebrating her body all week by posting racy pics and encouraging all women to be confident in their own skin.

Her final post in her sexy week series, saw her test out her acting chops by switching from a snuggly navy and white star dressing gown into the raunchy red slip.

During her sexy week, Saira lead by example, slipping into racy outfits and showing them off to her Instagram followers.

In the video, Saira's loyal pooch Vera, walks over to her mum wearing red devil's horns which she took off the dog to put onto her own head.

By placing them on her head, Saira morphed into the sexy killer complete with creepy mask and stunt knife which she stabbed into thin air.

The moody Shakespear's Sister song, Stay, played over the video as Saira wished everyone a happy Halloween, telling her fans "whatever you do, make it a sexy one!"

She also posted a lengthy caption explaining the motivation behind her sexy week.

Saira wrote: "So this is the end of my Sexy Week. A celebration and reminder to all girls and women out there, regardless of your race, sexuality, age or religion – you are unique, beautiful and special."

"Being sexy is not about what you are wearing, it’s about your confidence, self esteem, talents, skills, achievements and the ability to accept and love who you are. It’s about your mindset."

The presenter explained wanting to feel sexy is "normal" and "nothing to be ashamed of".

"How women choose to express themselves does not give anyone the right to judge them or is an invitation to be seen as sexual objects and be exploited," she said.

Saira argued "the narrative needs to change" and women were "now rising up, taking control and empowering ourselves with owning our sexy".

She finished by saying, "I am Saira Khan, 50, and for the first time in my life, feeling and owning sexy without guilt, shame or anxiety. Amen!"

"Thank you to my kids and hubby for being part of this and to Vera my puppy for all her honest thoughts!"

Her fans loved the message and her sexy Halloween post, writing "you must be having the time of your life".

Another wrote: "I have loved all these. You're amazing."

And a third added: "You always amaze me!"

In another post during sexy week, Saira opened up about the parts of her body she felt insecure about.

She said she has hated her "curly hair, short chunky legs, wonky teeth, big nose, bushy eyebrows, small boobs and my damaged skin", but now realises other people don't view her in the same way.

The telly star has involved her two kids Zach, 12, and Amara, nine, in the project, asking them how they feel about what she's doing and how their friends will react.

Both kids have been praised for their mature responses and support for their mother.

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