Sam Heughan: How did Outlander star feel about Jamie Fraser Culloden death scene?

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Season three of Outlander was a huge one of the Starz drama series, covering a vast period of 20 years. The show spent a great deal of time exploring Jamie (played by Sam Heughan) and Claire Fraser’s (Caitriona Balfe) separation after he told her to go back to the future for the sake of their unborn child. After Claire returned to the 20th century, Jamie fought in the disastrous Battle of Culloden where his kinsmen were felled and his nation irrevocably changed by the conflict.

How did Outlander star Sam Heughan feel about Jamie Fraser Culloden death scene?

Jamie managed to kill his foe Captain Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies) as the two men fought on the battlefield.

However, Jamie was badly injured during the dual between the two men and lay dying on the field as night fell and the Redcoats celebrated their victory.

One poignant scene featured Jamie lying in the grass with his fellow fallen soldiers as he prepared to submit himself to death.

But he was stopped short of crossing over after seeing a vision of his beloved wife Claire walking through the carnage and calling out his name, which brought him back from the brink.

The vision turned into one of Jamie’s fellow Jacobites, who found him clinging on to life and took him away from the battlefield.

Speaking about this moment, actor Heughan said: “I feel like on the battlefield, he’s slowly going towards death and getting further and further out there towards the stars and she comes to him.”

His words suggest it was an important moment for the story – and there are also fan theories about this scene, which hypothesise this is the point Jamie’s ghost travelled to the future from Culloden to his wife in the 1940s.

Outlander producer Ronald D. Moore said of the scene: “There was a sense of Jamie coming back from the grave and his life is spared through no attempt of his own.

“He’s not the hero of his own story there. He’s saved despite his wishes.”

Writer Matthew B. Roberts also shared his thoughts on the season three DVD, saying: “Jamie wants nothing more than to die.

“He doesn’t want to live without Claire and in a way, fate won’t let him. Because fate knows she’s alive on the other side.

“So, it is just relentless, and it says, ‘No, I’m not going to let you die but you’re going to have to suffer for it.’”

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Jamie suffered for two decades without Claire as she faced her own challenges on the other side of the stones.

He was badly wounded after Culloden with his sister Jenny Murray (Laura Donnelly) having to tend to him.

The Jacobite then became an outlaw, hiding out in a cave before surrendering to the British and languishing in Ardsmuir Prison.

Jamie then worked as an indentured servant at an English estate before opening up a printing business in Edinburgh as he returned to his homeland.

He went on a huge and transformative journey as he slowly built himself up over the years after the loss of Claire and their child.

Since season three, the closest Jamie has come to dying was in season five when he was bitten by a rattlesnake while out hunting.

Outlander’s author Diana Gabaldon has already said her story is going to be concluding with Jamie’s ghost encountering his wife-to-be in 1940s Inverness before she travelled through the stones.

But just what Jamie’s ghost will say to Claire remains a mystery at this stage and won’t be revealed either until the final novel is published or the last series of Outlander airs.

Either way, this is final exchange between Jamie and Claire is likely to be a deeply affecting one which may explain the reason of why she fell through time in the first place.

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