‘Saturday Night Live’ Opens With Joe Biden Trying To Make Sense Of Russian Disinformation Machine

James Austin Johnson once again returned as President Joe Biden on the ‘Saturday Night Live’ cold open, this time as he meets with advisers who give him the goods on Russia’s disinformation machine over Ukraine.

“Take a look at these posts that are circulating on Ukrainian Facebook,” Biden’s adviser (Alex Moffatt), instructs the president.

Ukrainian border encroaching on Russian troops. Russian Forces Surrounding Ukraine Just to Give It Big Hug. Ukrainian President Horny for Drama, Wants War: Slap Me Harder, Daddy.

“I’m going to break my New Year’s resolution and say it: Malarkey!” Biden responded.

Then they go on.

“They are also bringing our country into it,” his adviser told him, before showing him more Facebook posts: American CDC Strongly Recommends Russia Invades Ukraine. 

Then this: Neil Young To Remove Music From Spotify Unless Ukraine Surrenders.

More to come.

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